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  • Getting on the First Page of Google Nov 22, 2017

    Hi, just added a new blog post to my site on how to get on the first page of Google.


    I wanted to show what is needed as this is what we do for our clients, i have been trying and tested all sorts of methods for the past twenty years and as we all know, the way to get on the first page of Google changes every year, in fact, there are almost constant changes all the time and what worked last year doesn't neccessarily work this year.

    One thing that has always been required is a variety of good quality backlinks from high authority, high ranking popular website's.

    A few points i mention are making sure your website is mobile frinedly, so many site's still ignoring this, also more recently, changing from http to https, this is important, also the obvious, making sure your website is optimized for the keywords you want to rank for and that all your web pages have different meta tags such as title's and descriptions.

    I found a great resource of URL's you can get a backlink from, although I have never used any of these myself, we have our own list we work from but these look like they are worth a try;
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  • Aweber Tutorials added to the British Business Blog Apr 11, 2017

    Hi everyone, we have recently added 16 Aweber video tutorials to our UK Business listings website, the British Business Blog

    Introduction to Aweber

    1 Dollar Aweber Trial

    How to Create a List

    How To Create Forms

    Using Verfied Optins

    Aweber Report Analytics

    Aweber Campaign Sharing

    Tracking Clicks in Aweber

    How to Use Aweber Broadcasting

    How to Send One Message to Multiple Lists

    How to Send One Message to Multiple Lists

    How to Create Follow up Messages in Aweber

    How to Automate Lists in Aweber

    Organizing Aweber Lists

    Optin Forms in WordPress

    Using Verfied Optins

    There are more tutorials available including an excellent series covering Wordpress

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  • Cheap Web Design for a Small Business Mar 8, 2017


    UPDATE: Added 15 Aweber tutorials

    How to become a Pinterst expert videos.

    10 Tutorial videos all about Hangouts

    How to write Emails for Sales - 10 Videos

    UPDATE: Added Instagram tutorials, 15 informative Instagram video tutorials to get you up and running.

    If you are a small business then funds are probably tight, well they were for me back in the 90's.

    There are so many things you need to pay for when setting up a business and one of those important things is a company website.

    This can be quite costly, starting at £700 upwards for a professional hand coded website for your business. However, there is a low cost alternative, it's called wordpress.

    Wordpress is a free content management system, or CMS, it's the framewrok for your website, the backend administration part of your website, and it's FREE!!

    You need to upload it to your web hosting space, then once logged in, you can choose your theme, your theme is your web design, basically a template you can use for the design of your website.

    Wordpress comes with a few free themes you can use, just simply click which theme you like and activate it and you are live.

    What most people do is buy a nicer design, (theme), there are plenty of themes out there, just do a search for wordpress themes, you will be surprised at how many top designs are out there ranging from around $40 to $60 for a top design.

    You just upload it from within wordpress admin area, click activate and it's live, of course you will need to spend some time working on it, just to get it right for your personal preferences.

    Recently, well about a year ago, i was at a meeting with a small business and i recommended using wordpress to build their website as they said they had a low budget at the time, i was telling them how brilliant it was and a low cost alternative just to get them online, suddenly they asked a very interesting question, if it's that good shall we presume you are using it for your own company website, the answer was no but I fully intend to.

    Our company website uses our .com domain, we also own the same domain as a, so i created a new website for the using wordpress, it's a theme i bought from template monster and you can see it here;

    This website cost me $45, we have our own servers at UKFast so the hosting didn't cost anything, all it did cost was my time. So, for $45 we have a decent website that is functional and fit for purpose.

    A great thing about using wordpress, it's so easy to add more pages, or blog posts, as often as you like and as many as you like, depending on how much web space your web hosting allows of course.

    We are in the web business and we charge a fee to build you a wordpress website as of course our time needs to be paid for but with a little time and effort, and some online tutorials you can actually do this yourself.

    Here is a good link that will help you and where you can download wordpress.

    You can search on youtube for wordpress tutorials but i can't recommend any in particular right now but there are plenty of useful tutorials for you to choose from.

    We have an extensive range of wordpress tutorials on our UK Business listings website that are free to all our members.

    Of course, if you get stuck you can always ask for some help or advice on this forum, i am sure there are plenty of people willing to help you, including myself.