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  • Improving Online Business Sep 12, 2019

    Your website is the shop front for your business. Your homepage is the window display attracting individuals to take a closer look. Ensuring your website is optimised to serve visitors is the key to improving online business.

    Converse, Monitor, Engage
    During the visitor’s time browsing on your website, they may have a small question or a complex enquiry. Enable them to gain instant answers with an array of communication channels.

    Analyse visitors’ behaviour whilst they browse, detecting key information such as their location, device use and viewing as they change pages in real-time. This allows you to identify individuals meeting a specific trend e.g. visiting certain pages that usually result in a conversion.

    Automatically invite visitors to interact with your company in several ways, using triggers based on the rules you specify.

    Online Communication Channels
    Live Chat
    Live chat is a very popular tool to add to your website. The communication channel instantly connects website visitors to customer service representatives to engage in real-time. This allows them to quickly gain answers to their questions.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest technology to be integrated within customer service. Chatbots are available 24/7 and can ask questions to identify the visitor, answer any enquiries it has learnt and/or transfer to a real agent.

    Video Chat
    Video Chat capabilities are also making more of an appearance within organisations, allowing a one or two way live video and voice stream. Agents are able to read into the enquirer’s body language enabling them to advise based on how receptive the visitor is.

    With many consumers using mobile phones over a landline, it can be expensive for an individual to make a phone call to a company, especially if they are located overseas. Click2Call enables website visitors to request a free instant phone call over the normal phone network.

    It is now easier than ever to add any type of data capturing form to your website. smartContact provides customisable enquiry forms, allowing your company to collate anything from gaining natural sign-ups for your mailing list or booking an appointment, to requesting your latest whitepaper or product brochure.

    Virtual Meeting Rooms
    Collaborate with multiple participants within a digital text-based environment, regardless of physical location. Host support groups, Q and A sessions, live bids or open days etc. with complete moderation and entry restrictions if required.

    Display your latest information, special offers or important news and automatically redirect your visitors’ browser to a relating page for more details.

    The Control Centre
    All of these channels need somewhere for agents to handle the enquiries. The Click4Assistance Dashboard provides a powerful and personalised omni-channel control centre to manage all of these communications tools.

    Management Information
    Another module within the Click4Assistance solution is the Reporting Suite. Managers can analyse performance to optimise operations, identifying training needs and requirements for extra coverage.

    The EU’s laws around security were shaken up last year, meaning companies had to review their data processing procedures and rewrite their privacy policies to conform to GDPR. As data security is our top priority, we regularly share how organisations can remain compliant when using our online communication channels.

    Personalising your online communication channels can make all the difference with engagement uptake rates. If the contact method looks like a seamless part of your website, visitors are more confident to use the service as they know they are speaking with a representative from your company.

    Also with the increased internet use via a mobile phone, it is important that the communication channels are responsive to ensure that the user experience remains smooth and consistent across all devices. This helps reduce frustration for website visitors.

    Sectors Improving Online Business with Click4Assistance
    Many types of organisations are using at least one of these communication channels to improve their online business and streamline their operations:

    · SME – Increasing sales and leads for small/medium businesses

    · Corporate – Meeting the specific needs of large organisations

    · Public Sector – Digitally transforming public sector communications

    · Contact Centres – Functionality to support the largest operations

    · Estate Agents – Complimenting the online estate agent experience

    · Finance – Making financial organisations for accessible

    · Healthcare – Changing communication within the healthcare industry

    · Local Authorities – Supporting councils and residents with digital transformation

    · Retail – Providing innovative ways to increase eCommerce sales

    · Travel – Delivering the high street travel agency experience online

    · Universities – Improving student engagement with UK universities

    From humble beginnings 15 years ago, an Essex developer with a vision wanted to ensure businesses could offer a personal service and improve online communication. Today, Click4Assistance is the leading UK provider of live chat software, offering a single solution with multiple communication tools.

    To see the software in action, book a free personalised demonstration, where our team will take you through a tailored walkthrough of the solution and advise how best to use the system to meet your business requirements.

    Alternatively, we have a free no obligation, 21 day trial if you wish to evaluate the solution.
  • You Should Experience Live Chat Software At Least Once in Your Lifetime and Here’s Why Aug 8, 2019

    Whether you are a visitor using live chat software, or the business offering help and advice via the instant communication channel, live chat has been revolutionary for customer service.

    Visitor POV
    Today, the consumer has the choice on whether to escape the on-hold queues, automated IVRs and the wait for a response, as typically experienced when phoning or emailing a company. Live chat software has provided a communication channel that visitors can access straight from the website. They are connected directly to a representative in real-time who can answer their questions instantly.

    The chat service is convenient for website visitors as they can speak to an advisor when they are commuting, at work or at home. It allows them privacy as they won’t be overheard, enabling them to enquire about their finances and health results to booking an MOT or finding out when an item will be back in stock.

    Agent POV
    From the agents’ side of operations, live chat is one of the most efficient customer service channels.

    A pre-chat form can be set up to display before the conversation starts, therefore an advisor can have all the visitor’s details as soon as they take the chat. This reduces the time involved finding out the enquirer’s name, contact details including phone number, email/postal address (if required), customer reference number, nature of enquiry etc. allowing them to jump into the visitor’s questions straight away (unless further security checks are required).

    Once the agent has a chat enquiry they can judge the speed that the individual types and how complex their questions are. Upon identifying this, the operator can take other chats simultaneously until they are comfortable with the amount they have; being able to control their workload means that each adviser is working at their most productive level.

    Operators can also provide quicker and more accurate answers with live chat, as many systems will include canned responses. This allows advisors to access replies from a predefined library and select the most relevant answer (some suppliers enables the agent to edit the response before sending). Other live chat providers offer other functionality to speed up agent response times with ghost text and auto navigate etc.

    Ghost text can also be known by many other names including chat preview, and sneak peek. It allows agents to see what the visitor is typing in real-time allowing them to pre-empt the question and prepare their answer. Whereas auto navigate is for when the advisor already know the information exists on the website, and can automatically direct the enquirer’s browser to the relevant page.

    Business POV
    Overall the business will reap the benefits of live chat. The instant communication channel has been proven to increase sales as agents can up and cross-sell where appropriate, and visitors can be invited to speak with an advisor before abandoning their cart.

    Live chat has higher satisfaction rates than telephone and email as visitors are able to get a quick answer usually on first contact. Happier customers are more likely to return and spend more money, whilst also recommending the service to others.

    It has also been reported that staff are happier when using live chat. A contact centre that rotated their agents between handling enquiries via live chat, email and telephone, were much happier and excited the days that they were dealing with questions via their live chat service.

    Happier staff are less likely to take unauthorised absences or leave the company disgruntled, helping with the smooth running of operations.

    Live chat software benefits everyone involved, and with all parties happy from the outcome of the chat service, it will be crazy for organisations to not implement the instant communication channel.

    Author Bio: Gemma Baker is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat software provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.
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