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  • CircleLoop representing the north in KPMG’s Best British Mobile Startup 2018 Feb 21, 2018 at 3:34 PM

    [​IMG] upload_2018-2-21_15-36-58.png
    CircleLoop co-founders Damian Hanson and David Hague are heading to Barcelona for the grand final of KPMG’s Best British Mobile Startup, in a bid to see CircleLoop crowned UK wide winner.

    CircleLoop previously won the northern regional final held in Manchester on 23rd November 2017 and the innovative cloud-based phone system provider is now bound for Barcelona to pitch in the finals on 26th-28th February 2018.

    The annual competition gives businesses the opportunity to exhibit and present their offering at the world's largest mobile event, Mobile World Congress (MWC), which takes place in Barcelona each year, attracting over 100,000 attendees . It also provides an unrivalled opportunity for British start-ups to raise their profile, enabling them to gain access to investment opportunities, build corporate connections and to present their business.

    Further regional finals took place in Birmingham, Bristol and London, with the winner of each securing a trip to pitch in the final - to be held at the 4YFN stage at MWC. As the start-up event of the largest gathering for the mobile industry (MWC), 4YFN has been classed as ‘the No.1 start-up event for doing business’.

    Damian Hanson, commented: “We are very proud to be flying the flag for the north in the grand final of KPMG’s Best British Mobile Startup. We are up against three very impressive start-ups on the 4YFN stage, and I’m really looking forward to listening to the pitches of our fellow competitors. We are also excited to begin sharing the CircleLoop story internationally”.
  • Smart feature of the week - Establish a local presence from anywhere Feb 20, 2018 at 3:06 PM


    Despite advances in other communications technologies, the art of the phone call remains a firm favourite with modern businesses large and small. Agreeing deals, striking-up partnerships, customer services, negotiations, account management and so many crucial aspects of day to day business are still made easier and quicker by picking up the phone.

    Whilst other technologies have advanced at pace like email, chat tools and messenger systems, phone systems on the other hand have evolved much more slowly.

    Until now, that is.

    CircleLoop is a powerful, cloud-based phone system designed for the way that modern businesses work. And this cloud technology, coupled with anywhere virtual numbering opens up a whole new world of flexibility, productivity, professionalism and cost-savings for businesses.

    Smart Feature: Establish a local presence instantly.
    Want to give the illusion of a New York office? No problem.

    CircleLoop provides businesses with the ability to select phone numbers from any geographical area in the UK and internationally. This allows you to establish an instant local presence anywhere in the world, within a couple of clicks.

    For example, if you're based in Manchester, but make frequent calls to customers in Birmingham, you can instantly add a 0121 number to your CircleLoop phone system. Then, when you make calls to your Birmingham clients, the number they see is your local number.

    So now you can make your phone call - whether it be to a prospect, customer, supplier or partner, and appear as if you're calling from a local number

    Why is this a benefit?
    The simple fact is that people still like to buy “local”, so they’re much more likely to answer a call from a local dialling code. Calls from local numbers can often feel more relevant, more important, so recipients are more inclined to pick up the phone, helping you to establish more contacts.

    CircleLoop’s next-generation technology allows you to appear that you’re calling from your local branch, even if you don’t actually have a physical location there. And what’s more there are no provisioning times. You need a local number for London, Manchester, New York? No problem - simply choose your number in CircleLoop’s powerful apps, and it’s live instantly!

    Feeling inspired?
    The ability to appear local may be something you've never considered before, or perhaps you didn’t realise it was possible without going to the hassle and expense of a physical location, or a new phone line installation.

    Anywhere numbering is just one of the raft of smart features that CircleLoop delivers for businesses just like yours. In fact, we’ve already helped 1000s of businesses to kill the desk-phone, improve flexibility, increase productivity and reduce costs.

    If you’d like to take your business communications to the next level, you can try CircleLoop completely free of charge at
  • Looking For Review / Feedback Feb 14, 2018

    CircleLoop is a company that has existed for little more than a year, however have already made ground-breaking strides in competing with the conventional big boys such as BT, TalkTalk etc.

    Our company offers an alternative service of telecommunications, that is tailored for businesses looking to break away from the complex, painful and expensive sector.

    We are constantly striving for improvement on many fronts, whether it be the quality of our product, our customer service or our marketing campaign's.

    So this entry is a welcoming to anyone who would be willing to have a look at our website, whether it be a deep investigation, or a quick two-minute snoop around, for any advice or feedback they'd be happy to give.

    It can be any advice, ranging from the design, to the content and information quality, or even the usability. Anything that you feel would be worthy of giving back. It is not an sneaky attempt to lead people onto our website and sell them our product! We feel there is no one better to give us all-round feed-back than our customers, or people similar to the customers we work with.

    Anyone who would be willing to do so, we would be really appreciative of your time and advice. We feel we are making a big, positive impact on businesses, particularly start-ups and SME's, and we always believe there's more we can do.

    Our website is on the link
    Or simply search 'CircleLoop' on your search engine, and you should find the option to click on our website at the top, with the website link above underneath.
  • CircleLoop Capsule CRM integration Feb 9, 2018

    We're excited to announce that CircleLoop has a brand new integration with Capsule CRM.

    The integration features seamless contact syncing, instant click-to-call from Capsule, and call activity logging which includes our smart voicemail to text functionality. So now you can save time and get even more done.

    Introducing CircleLoop & Capsule CRM

    Contact Syncing
    CircleLoop for Capsule puts your contact data where you need it, with automatic syncing straight into your CircleLoop phone system.

    Click to Call
    When you're working in your Capsule CRM you no longer need to click out, or copy/paste phone numbers across. CircleLoop for Capsule features instant click-to-call, allowing you to make calls quickly and easily direct from your CRM.

    Call Activity Logging
    All calls to and from your Capsule contacts are logged as notes, in your Capsule CRM records. This includes missed calls and voicemail - which CircleLoop will automatically convert to text and create as a note for quick and easy access.

    Desktop & Mobile Apps
    You can use your CircleLoop for Capsule integration whilst you're in the office, or on the move, with powerful desktop and mobile apps ready to keep you and your team working, wherever you are.

    CircleLoop offers you a better business phone system. You can break away from the hindrance of conventional telecom providers. Use a phone system tailored to business' alone, with quality features to make your business' communications more professional and more productive; whilst saving money.

    For more information, visit:
    Find us, also, on
    Twitter: @CircleloopHQ
    Facebook: CircleLoop
  • How To Implement "Bring Your Own Device" In Your Business Feb 8, 2018

    The trend for “Bring Your Own Device” has been escalating for years among early adopters.

    Now that two thirds of Britons own a smartphone — almost every person under 60 — BYOD is a real prospect for any business.

    Here are five tips for SMEs considering BYOD:

    1. Secure buy-in from support staff

    Whether your support staff is a crack team, or one part-timer, you need to get them on board before implementation. Setting up smartphone services is straightforward, but replacing work computers with personal laptops requires some brainstorming.

    Research from Trustmarque has shown that 81% of CIOs believe the IT workload is increasing. Implementing BYOD can be an important part of reducing their burden.

    Technical staff will answer the vital questions — what level of support they can offer, and which devices are compatible.

    2. Brief new users on security

    Data security is a big concern for all of us, but breaches are almost always preventable.

    If your staff are going to access sensitive data on a personal device, they’ll need a security refresher course. By helping them to set up extra layers of protection, you’ll avoid the ‘rookie mistakes’ that land businesses in hot water.

    The good news for the IT department is that BYOD staff report 40% fewer technical issues, because they’re already familiar with their devices.

    Technical staff should establish a guaranteed security requirement that they can set up quickly and easily. But bear in mind that if a breach does occur, the device’s memory may need to be wiped — so backup those personal photos.

    3. Separate personal use from business use

    Hopefully you can trust your staff to behave responsibly. That means no inappropriate websites, and keeping a professional tone when dealing with clients.

    As for the device itself, it couldn’t be simpler to set up a single smartphone to send and receive calls from more than one number. That will help to keep the business and personal uses apart — it’s even possible to associate a computer or smartphone with a landline number.

    Treat employees like adults, and they’ll act like adults (although a gentle reminder won’t hurt). It’s also worthwhile to invest in spare phone and laptop chargers, strictly for office use.

    4. Offer an alternative

    The business case for BYOD speaks for itself. The price difference between providing mobile and landline vs. one integrated smartphone is around £60 saving per head, per month.

    Staff don’t want to juggle several phones either. It’s more convenient to use their own devices, especially if they can get some free technical support.

    But when it comes to laptops and tablets, personal preference might mean businesses need to offer a ‘work only’ computer. Accounting for the people who aren’t interested, or who don’t own suitable devices, is an important part of your implementation.

    5. Have a staff exit strategy

    So, your staff have high-quality and affordable devices; you’re savings buckets of money; your technical people have one less thing to worry about. Job done? Well, nearly.

    The last thing to plan for is what happens when staff leave. With a service like CircleLoop, admins can add or remove users remotely, in a couple of clicks — there’s nothing easier.

    But if your users have database access or specialist software downloaded, you need to be very sure that you can remove it before they go.

    Data retrieval must become a part of your exit process — otherwise businesses risk compromising security or continuing to pay for unused subscription services.

    With CircleLoop, you can add or remove users at any time. And because there is no contract, you’ll never pay for a single second more than you use.