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  • How to write copy that converts Nov 5, 2018

    Writing copy that converts is an art-form.

    Although content is often written specifically for the purpose of increasing sales and website traffic, we may sometimes forget the customer and what it is they are after. Copy that converts focuses on the target customer and engages their interest.

    So how do we write copy that will do just that?


    The content writers at Attention Agency are all about creating content that resonates with the customer and is on topics that they want to read about.

    For instance, if you are marketing for an insurance company, you may want to think about the common concerns that your target customer may have about aspects of protecting their property or family.

    Then mould these worries and concerns into content that illustrates solutions or options to ease their mind.

    Some of your target customers will be interested to know more and even become curious about who you are. This is the start of their conversion journey.

    Here are four must-haves to create copy that converts.

    A catchy title

    This is the first point of contact for your reader. You need to get their attention in the first few seconds so a catchy title is highly critical. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people will not read past the headline. If that doesn’t convince you about a gripping headline, we don’t know what will.

    A headline should be short and sweet without giving too much away but enough so that your reader will want to know more. SEO analytical tools can help you understand which keyword phrases are more often searched for than others - make sure you use these tools to your advantage. And keep your titles exciting, pose a question or introduce something niche or different.

    But one thing you definitely want to include is a promise - your readers need to know that you will fulfil a promise if they click on your link. And that promise needs to be enticing enough for them to want to find out more.

    Fulfil your promise

    We move now to the delivery aspect of your copy. A catchy headline with a promise is a great way to start the engagement process of your reader. To keep them, you need to look at fulfilling your promise. Once your reader clicks on the link, they will be expecting to find something that is of interest to them … and answers the promise that is in the headline. To do this, your copy could include an explanation, a solution or maybe an in-depth discussion of a matter of interest.

    It is only once your audience feels that you have some form of credibility because your headline was true to the content that followed, that they will return and become your fan. By providing value in your content to your reader, you will find that they will want to know more and be interested in your offering.

    Keep writing content like this and you’ll gather a loyal following, and a customer base for conversions.

    Short and sweet

    Just like your title, your content needs to be concise and easy to read. Paragraphs are very important. There is nothing more deterring to the reader than a massive chunk of text. Studies show that people only spend a maximum of 15 seconds on a single page before deciding whether to continue or leave. That amount of time is really no time at all. So your content needs to be short, sweet and to the point.

    Use headings and subheadings, maybe even a few bullet points here and there. The way you format your content can also make a difference to how attractive it looks to read. In this fast-paced world, people will skim the content and if something jumps out at them, they may pause to take a look.

    Take it from Leonardo da Vinci, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

    Being concise is not a difficult thing to do but still often forgotten. Don’t fall prey to something as simple as lack of brevity.

    Include a call to action

    Not all content needs to have a call to action, but if the specific aim of that content is to convert, then you must not leave it without a CTA, as it’s known in its shortened form. Ask your readers to read another article, or subscribe to your mailing list, or even contact you directly.

    This is how you get to the ultimate aim of your content - engagement leading to conversion.

    If someone reading your article decides to subscribe or even pick up the phone and speak directly to you, they are now actually interested in your product. You have them hooked.


    Writing copy that converts is not rocket science. Forgetting your target customer and what it is they want from you is a common barrier to writing content that will bring a conversion.

    It is a long game sometimes, but one that will be sure to reap the rewards, given it is done right.

    Are you interested in learning more about copy that converts? Contact our expert content writers at Attention Agency.

    Attention Agency provides content strategy and creation services to a range of businesses across the UK