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  • 5 Reasons- Why Clean Code is Imperative in Software Development Oct 11, 2021

    Everyone likes when complex functions, programs, and tasks are laid down in front of them in a simple manner. It is often believed that a simple process is a key to achieving the maximum benefits from any entity. Similarly, it is equally important in the case of writing a clean code for software development.

    It is not often that only one programmer works on a single programming code. There is always a team of developers that handle the code and its processing. Sometimes, when several people are working on a single code, it becomes very important that the code is written in a clean way. This ensures that everyone can understand it and make necessary improvements if required.

    Writing a Clean code is crucial because it helps the programmers communicate effectively with another developer working with the same code. It's critical, particularly with the software development company, to always be able to access the previously written code and analyze what it's about.

    The more descriptive a source code is, the clearer it communicates, and so the easier it is to troubleshoot when errors emerge. You will become a better co-worker, coder, and developer if you write clean code.

    What is a Clean Code?

    The term "clean code" refers to code that is simple to read, understand, and modify. It's as easy as giving attributes, methods, and objects descriptive names so that everyone knows exactly what they contain or their function when they read it. When it comes to developing clean code principles, the following two basic guidelines help a lot.

    DRY is for Don't Repeat Yourself and KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. The programmer then has the task of ensuring that there is still a better way to resolve problems or add functionality to the program.

    The majority of code isn't created and then completely neglected; instead, it's developed and then changed over time to maintain it and keep it efficient for the project. Because there are often multiple developers who need to grasp what the code performs. Therefore, the purpose of the code must be apparent.

    It is very evident that you can use comments to make the program more descriptive and clearer. One of the best ways to make sure that everyone understands your code is that it should be simple on a technical level. Additionally, clean code requirements improve the quality of your program.

    Reasons Why Clean Code is Imperative in Software Development

    There are often instances where a programming code is considered to be an art, where humans try to make humans understand the language of computers. When application functions as intended, developers are frequently persuaded that their job is finished. However, codes aren't only written for computers alone. Therefore, let us see what are the 5 reasons why writing clean code for software development is important.

    1. Beneficial for future development

    The codes you write today are the codes that will be updated over time to implement more features and functions. Therefore, writing complex code will always make it hectic to update it in the future. Additionally, once the base code is written, you cannot make changes. It can only be updated but not completely changed.

    A code that is complex may provide faster deployment but can cause many problems in the longer run. A code is modified on a regular basis to make it free of bugs or to improve its functionality. A complex set of code is bound to have a dead-end, from where the developers won't be able to update it further.

    This will create a very huge problem. The code will have to be completely re-written and updated again. This will consume a lot of time and would cost a fortune. This will cause a great loss for the developers working on it and the development organization. Therefore, writing a simple and effective code will be very beneficial for the future.

    2. Improves the technique

    The developer responsible for constructing the simple code needs to understand every aspect and functionality. This makes them aware of every technique and way of developing a program for a single function. Therefore, it inherently improves the working style and technique of the developer. All the mobile app development companies prefer developers who have better techniques to make advanced programs.

    They constantly get to learn new things and techniques that they can use to create several sets of codes that would carry out the same function. It also pushes the developers to learn more to make their codes more simple and easily understandable. This will help improve the knowledge and technical skill of the developer.

    3. Customer satisfaction

    One of the most important reasons a clean code for software development is written in a simple language is the fact that it can be easily read and understood by the customer. Therefore, writing simple code is not only beneficial for the developer but also for the customer. Technical debt is introduced into the projects when creators write poor or unclear code.

    Excess technical debt is demoralizing and pulls professionals away from the company, even if it might be beneficial when carefully examined in context. When the simple things become difficult, developers vote with their feet and leave. The quality of the project gives developers more employee satisfaction than the quantity.

    Technical debt reduces the likelihood of reuse and establishes a poor-quality standard for the remainder of the codebase. This is very bad for customer satisfaction. All software development companies want their programmers to write simple and efficient codes.

    4. Complex codes are tough to read

    Developers are frequently proud of their abilities to tackle complex issues. Clean code requirements, on the other hand, are pretty simple. Reading complex codes is a difficult task. That's why many developers are inclined to rewrite instead of doing the difficult effort of understanding and interpreting existing code.

    Since reading code is inherently difficult, if you write code that you can barely follow while writing it, you'll find yourself unable to grasp it later. Qualified developers create so many codes that most of the program structure and planning phase fade from sight after several weeks apart. It's as though you're looking at the project from a different angle.

    5. Simple foundations are grounds for future development

    Software strategies such as professional reworking, test automation, and TDD have recently received considerable attention. These techniques enhance the quality and durability of the program. Adopting clean code standards is a basic skill that benefits off in a big way when it comes to refactoring and testing code.

    Clean coding principles result in extremely structured program code that is easy to understand and test. Clean code is the basis of these techniques if you consider them as parts of a home. Therefore, they lay grounds for future developers to create a better program for them. A simple structure helps create a program that performs the required task without going into the complexities.


    Writing clean code has several benefits when we look from the developer's point of view and the customer. Codes are often very tough to understand, let alone update them. Clean codes give the feasibility to understand any code set easily. This also allows anyone to understand the functionality of the programs.
  • Top 5 Trends in JavaScript and Its Frameworks For 2021 and Beyond Sep 13, 2021


    Javascript changes quite quickly and thus raise the need to hire a front-end developer to better understand the concepts. Every day in Javascript, there are new libraries, frameworks, features, and new methods of accomplishing specific things. The introduction of Nodejs, allowing javascript to operate on the server-side, made Javascript more popular throughout the previous decade.

    JS adoption has only increased, and there are no indications of deceleration. If you read the current study from Stack Overflow, you will notice that Javascript is the most widely used programming language (by professional developers) (by professional developers as well). It is also the 2nd language most sought after by developers.

    In JavaScript, you can do both front and backend. It is employed by a wide variety of high-profile applications that demonstrate today's need to understand this technology. Javascript learning can open doors for you to many jobs. JavaScript may be the trendiest developer of skills to learn soon.

    Now, let us examine how Javascript fits into many fields, popular frameworks, trends, new functions, and tools.
    • It is not surprising that JavaScript is still the top language of programming today and how much discrepancy it dominates. It helps to comprehend.
    • In a 2020 survey, 47,000 developers inquired what language they wanted. Roughly 69.7% of developers indicated that JavaScript is their language.
    JavaScript remains one of the finest in terms of simplicity of use and interoperability, but the programming language is far from flawless. It's difficult not to appreciate JavaScript-built community and ecosystem.
    • Nuxt.js. It is a Next.js on view, can be defined. However, it is nonetheless a framework with its advantages. It addresses, for example, the creation of universal apps, which may be performed on the front and back end sides. Furthermore, it contains good meta tags, which improve SEO.
    • Gatsby. E-commerce construction, landings, blogging, and progressive Web applications are reactive frameworks. It helps programmers who have GraphQL under the cap with code and data separation. Speed, safety, and SEO procedures are also excellent.
    • Next.js. React-based framework, ideal for single-page applications with server rendering. It allows hybrid static rendering, intelligent bundling, and prefixing of routes. It also comes with excellent support for TypeScript and SEO.
    Java at the frontend

    For front-end development, JavaScript is the most often used language in custom web development services. HTML and CSS define your website's appearance and feel, but Javascript adds interactions, animations, and makes your website dynamic. As a result, Javascript has been utilized on the frontend during the last twenty years or so.

    There have just been several interferences with the arrival of React, Vue, and Angular 2+ in the ecosystem of the frontline JavaScript framework. The style of component-based programming has taken the lead by the storm. React, Angular, and Vue, followed by Emberjs and Backbonejs, are Javascript's most popular front frameworks.

    The possibility to utilize it for indigenous development is one of the major benefits of React. Other benefits are a big community, Facebook support, a saturated ecosystem, improved efficiency, reusable components, and easy SEO.

    However, its quick updating procedure might be bad for large-scale projects because we need to continually update projects to avoid compatibility problems.

    When we look at the status of the JS 2020 survey, Reaction remains the framework most used in comparison with all other frameworks for JavaScript-based interfaces.

    Java at the backend

    Ten years ago, Javascript was just a language of the frontend. React.js developer utilized PHP, Java, C#, Python, etc., to learn for the backend. But by introducing Nodejs (due to Google's v8 engine), developers are strongly using Javascript on the backend. The reasons for this are, first, because you don't have to learn a new language. Second, npm, the node js package manager.
    • Nest.js. The frame Node.js is TypeScript driven. It is ideal for developing strong and scalable backend applications of all sorts. The greatest concepts from object-oriented, functional, and reactive programming are collected. Its architecture offers modularity of programming, testability, and maintenance.
    • Express.js. Framework Node.js, used mostly for developing RESTful servers for APIs. It supports the processing of I/O requests. Express also features a set of tools and middleware modules for development. Configuration and scalability are very straightforward.
    • Fastify. For the prior framework, it provides a quick and minimal overhead alternative. Fastify embedded plugins, hooks, and decorators that promote reusability and decoupling of code. TypeScript, one of the most prominent developments in JS, is also supported.
    • Contains a JavaScript API and a Node.js server. The growth of conversation suits perfectly. may claim auto-connection, detection, multiplexing, and arbitrary support for the channel.
    Do you need JavaScript tools?

    It might be difficult occasionally to work with Javascript. You must thus consider employing tools from ReactJs development companies that make it a little simpler to work with Javascript.
    • Package Administrator: NPM is the most common JS administrator. Installing, managing dependencies, etc., can work with npm CLI. Yarn, another package manager in JS, may also be used.
    • Editor: VS Code is the most popular code editor for projects linked to Javascript because of its large plugin ecosystem and Javascript and Typescript compatibility. Atom, Sublime Text, etc., are other alternatives.
    • Typescript: Typescript is a JavaScript superset typed to compile JavaScript for plain. Optional static typing, grades, and interfaces are provided. Modern javascript + types are typewritten. You need to catch issues early and make your developer more efficient.
    • Build tool: Building tools become a need with the emergence of new JS frameworks. Webpack, Parcel, Gulp, etc... some build technologies to consider.
    Understanding the top 5 trends of Javascript in 2021

    What are the key features developers are looking for in a JavaScript framework? No definite answer exists, although there might be some insight into performance, speed, and popularity.

    For starters: performance (how much time it takes to run the code for your application), speed (how long do you take to get things going on your browser?), popularity (which frames are other people using?), and homework assistance from JavaScript.

    • React to the top
    Facebook was seeking solutions in 2011 to keep traffic changing rapidly. React is a JavaScript library that was built because of this requirement and was shortly converted into an open-source project that the business that produced it is now maintaining. 4 out of 5 front end developers currently utilize react libraries after they became quite popular in 2013 due of their efficiency and ease in the development of user interfaces.
    • Developments with Vue
    Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework throughout the years. However, it is difficult for developers to decide whether to use Vue or React on their projects. An important release of 3.0, improving application performance and TypeScript support, as well as improved composition API capabilities, was released this year, which will benefit large-scale projects like company applications where more collaboration among teams across the world can be required.

    Vue.js is a young yet strong frontend developer JavaScript framework, and in a short amount of time, developers have been able to build their confidence.

    The key reasons behind its achievement were its small framework size, thorough documentation, responsiveness, reusability, support for TypeScript, and low learning curve. Unfortunately, it also has a big plug-ins ecosystem, and its capacity to produce static sites also threatens to react.

    His tremendous flexibility might, on the other side, be a disadvantage for major projects.

    • large-scale support
    The JavaScript library Vue.js 3 is a strong one. It offers programmers two options to optimize performance. In addition, it also offers compiler-type binding. You may let Vue handle everything, or you can personally watch rendering to ensure everything goes well. The Composite API, which addresses large project problems such as ambiguous provenance of components, and namespace clashing, is one of the new features of Vue 3. It also enhances readability and types checks in line with contemporary JavaScript codebase management practices.
    • Best compatibility with latest typescripts
    Type Vue 3 compatibility is more than simply a new version. It's JavaScript's future, and one will soon be here. Compatibility with Typescript enables you to work with Vue without worrying about inconsistencies in your codebase.
    • Modular layering
    A transition in architecture to detached modules has occurred in line with the JavaScript frames developments. As a consequence of this modification, the Vue team implemented tree shaking and enhanced maintenance.


    What are the most important features developers are looking for in the technological stack? There can scarcely be one explanation why certain framework structures grow, while others are the stuff of the past.

    What you can do is look at the paths of the frontal landscape. Let's also immerse ourselves in the top JavaScript trends of 2021.

    In addition to these five frameworks are such as Ember, Inferno, and Alpine.js, which may be beneficial as software developers for your profession. However, experts have selected the following five since they are among all JavaScript-based frontend development frameworks most spoken about and dependable.

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  • 10 Best Ad Management Solutions And Plugins For WordPress Development Jul 11, 2021


    Have you ever wondered how websites like Mashable, Yahoo, and AOL (yes, AOL) stay afloat? Apart from maybe providing email service, these sites primarily produce material, which they nearly always make available for free.

    Have you ever wondered how websites like Mashable, Yahoo, and AOL (yes, AOL) stay afloat? Apart from maybe providing email service, these sites primarily produce material, which they nearly always make available for free.

    Several websites on the internet use revenue models based on Ad Management Solutions. To produce a substantial portion of their website's revenue, most bloggers use "banner ads" and "display advertisements." As a creative web design firm, you want a simple solution that allows you to maximize the earning potential of your website without occupying a lot of your time.

    Fortunately, WordPress has a plethora of ad management plugins that can save you time and effort. The greatest plugins and solutions for the management for the custom website development company are discussed in this article.

    Some of the most popular plugins will be examined, and you will be able to choose the best ad management plugin for your WordPress site. Some of the greatest plugins and solutions for management are listed below.

    Where do they obtain the funds to run such enormous websites?

    Advertisements are one solution. Using Google Adsense and other ad management platforms, many websites earn hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month. They sell advertising space on blog posts and web pages so that other businesses can market their products, and in exchange, the website is compensated every time a user clicks on an ad.

    The 10 best ad management solutions to help you out

    You can also sell ad space if you own or administer a
    WordPress website. However, if you sell more ads, keeping track of who is advertising on your website and which ads are more successful becomes more difficult.

    This is why we've compiled a list of the finest WordPress ad management plugins. Continue reading to find out what each plugin does, how much it costs to install, and why it can be useful for your website.

    1. Ad Rotate

    AdRotate might be the plugin for you if you want to get started with online ads but aren't sure if you want to plunge in headfirst. It contains a free version with basic ad management tools and a paid subscription that you may upgrade when your site's ad revenue grows.

    The free edition focuses mostly on ad management. It has a user-friendly interface for reviewing the overall performance of your marketing campaigns. You may bundle ads together and track their clicks, impressions, and click-through rates.

    2. Adsanity

    Whether you're utilizing Adsense or hosting your own advertisements on your site, AdSanity is a good choice. It is one of the best premium ad management plugins for WordPress and comes with several useful features.

    A visual editor for creating advertising, custom widgets and shortcodes, and an adblocker are just a few of the features. Adblockers can be used to prevent advertisements from appearing on specific pages of your website. This allows you to choose where adverts show without having to change any of your WordPress theme's files.

    3. Ads pro plugin

    Ads Pro Plugin is an amazing choice if you want total, in-depth management over the adverts on your WordPress site. This application is one of the most feature-rich ad management plugins on the market, with a wide range of customizing options.

    There are over 25 pre-made ad themes to choose from, and you may display advertisements in 20 different styles such as a sidebar, floating, corner peel, and more. You may also choose which devices your adverts appear on, for example, whether they appear on mobile but not on desktop. This allows you to develop adverts that are tailored to the interface on which they are displayed.

    4. Corner ads:

    Corner advertising is fantastic since they are less intrusive to your website while yet capturing your visitors' attention. They don't take up a lot of areas where excellent material may be placed, and they can be utilized for more than just promotional purposes. For example, you could utilize a corner ad to inform visitors about a newly published blog post on your website.

    As a result, this plugin has earned a spot on our list. It's simple to set up and blends in with most websites. It's simple to make a corner ad, and the plugin lets you change the colors to match your site's theme. You may also use an image in your corner ad to truly draw attention to it.

    5. Adning advertising

    This plugin, which was previously known as the WP PRO Advertising System, allows you to handle banner adverts on your WordPress site. Not only is it simple to build banners with Gutenberg, WPBakery, or Elementor, but the drag-and-drop file uploader makes it much easier. You can place your banners almost anywhere on your site once they've been deployed.

    This plugin is also fully responsive, so your ads will look amazing no matter what device or browser your users are using to view them. With mobile devices accounting for more than half of all internet traffic, this is a critical feature to have if you want to maximize the number of mobile visitors to your site.

    6. WP insert

    WP Insert is a free plugin that includes the majority of the tools you'll need to manage advertising on your site. It's simple to set up and has a lot of great feedback in the WordPress marketplace.

    Built-in support for Google Adsense and Page-Level advertisements, manual override for auto-positioning, and an A/B testing tool that lets you experiment with multiple ad locations on your site are just a few of the plugin's prominent features.

    There are also infinite Adblocks, allowing you to block any adverts that you don't want to see on your pages.

    7. Quick Adsense

    Although this WordPress plugin is tailored to Adsense and requires a Google Adsense account to use, it is also compatible with other advertising systems. This makes it a fantastic alternative for individuals that develop and manage web ads primarily through Google Adsense.

    This plugin is straightforward, free, and simple to use. It also allows you to display an ad on your site at random. This keeps your site looking fresh and decreases the risk of recurring visitors developing ad blindness.

    8. WordPress ad budget

    This can be the appropriate ad management plugin for you if you're searching for something simple and uncomplicated. It's made to put advertising anyplace on your WordPress site where you have a widget space.

    This plugin is simple to use for beginners, and it doesn't have a complicated ad interface to handle. All you have to do now is go to the widget page and select the type of ad you want to make. After that, simply drag the module to the location on your site where you want it to appear and fill in all of the information you want to include in your advertisement.

    9. Ad inserter

    This ad management plugin provides a plethora of ad placement possibilities for your website. Adsense, Google Ads Manager, and Amazon Native Shopping Ads are all supported. You can also use HTML, Javascript, and CSS to add and generate different types of advertising.

    Advertisements can be placed before or after a paragraph, a visitor remark, an image, or at the end of a post. You can also use CSS to place it next to an element on your page or use the tag to place it in your header or footer.

    While having these alternatives is convenient, it's evident that some of these tasks will necessitate coding knowledge. Ad Inserter has some guidelines to assist you to get the look and location you want, but don't worry if that's not your thing.

    10. OIO Publisher

    OIO Publisher is one of the best Ad Management Solutions for ad management that is available as a WordPress plugin website. OIO Publisher eliminates the need for a middleman, allowing you to sell advertisements directly from your WordPress site. It manages everything from tracking to payments to reporting.

    On your website, you can create zones for adverts of various sizes and sorts. You may customize the number of ads displayed in each zone, the targeting, the rotation factor, the price, and more.

    OIO is a pretty simple plugin to work with. You may need to alter the theme of your WordPress site to input the zoning code that will be generated, depending on how you wish to show the ad.

    Wrap up

    There are so many different WordPress plugin management options available that deciding which one will work best for your company can be difficult. Many of these plugins provide fully customizable advertising that can be placed anywhere on a page or post and automatic post timings and statical reports in some cases. These useful plugins will benefit both large and small businesses like the healthcare industry, the hotel industry, etc. Whichever plugin is ideal for you, they are all economical, user-friendly, and excellent ad management options.

    After reviewing all of the finest plugins, which do you think is the best? Actually, the answer to that question is based on your specific requirements. If you have a lot of zones and want to keep track of membership fees, auto-expiring advertising, and other things, Adsanity Publisher is the finest ad management solution for you.

    Do you use an eCPM model to deliver advertisements and want to be able to modify the structure of your bidding? Do you have a lot of time to set up? If you answered yes to these questions, Google DFP is the program for you. Simply choose the solution or plugin that best meets your needs from the list of options.

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  • Top Business Ideas for 2021 within Food delivery Niche Jun 7, 2021


    On-demand food delivery businesses are growing across the globe and the demand for this type of specialized services is increasing very fast. Nowadays, making food and selling the food from a retail location is not just enough. Consumers demand more. Today in the world of digitization where everything is available at your convenience, all the consumers expect ready-to-eat food at their doorstep.

    Moreover, the increasing usage of smartphones and access to the internet is transforming society and more people are using mobile applications to get the food delivered to the desired location. This on its own has created a vast pool of opportunities for food entrepreneurs.

    Before starting any venture a proper business model is prepared where the objectives, investment, and execution strategies are outlined. In the market, there are plenty of business options, but the selection as per the needs and requirements is very important. Today delivering the food is not just enough. With the changing demands and needs of society, it is very difficult for food delivery startups to deliver the food at the customer’s doorstep within the time limit.

    The marketers or various startup owners are keeping a close eye on the market shift to identify the various niches. As being in the niche will help food delivery businesses to overcome the competitive barriers and survive.

    There are plenty of online food delivery app business models foraying in 2021. From this statement, it is quite evident that you are sure to get a delicious ride this year. To name a few are:

    Food Trucks:
    Nowadays, food trucks are one of the most profitable food retail businesses with a low investment plan. It is more like a restaurant on wheels which is serving food at the customer’s accessible or convenient locations. Also for getting more customers you can get a specific mobile application development where you can get the orders from the nearby areas.

    Grocery Delivery:
    It is the most popular business that is adopted by entrepreneurs. This business is easy to start but there are two models which grocery delivery business uses. First option requires low cost and on the other hand the second model requires adequate investment.

    In the first option the basic need here is to get an online platform developed where the products can be listed with a proper price tag. The materials are procured, website promotion is done. When the customers place the orders, the delivery is completed at their doorstep. Moreover in the second option, an online marketplace is developed where small marketers or shopkeepers are invited to list their products.

    Food Delivery (Aggregator):

    In this delivery business, an online portal is developed where various restaurants get registered and enlist their offerings. Customers get a wide range of options to select their favorite restaurant and menu. Once the order is received, the delivery is completed. Here transactional amount is earned on the billing.

    Healthy Food Delivery:
    Today every consumer is health conscious and is aiming to be fit and healthy. Here the business targets such consumer base and delivers the products as and when required. Also, the delivery can be targeted at the people who are suffering from certain medical issues. Moreover, this type of food delivery mobile appis very much popular in the United States of America.

    Organic Food Delivery:
    Organic food is getting hype in society these days. People now are more diet conscious and do possess complete knowledge regarding their health. This type of venture can be started easily with a small amount of investment. You need to get an online platform developed, select your products, target your customers, advertise with adequate promotions to get the attention of the customers and start selling.

    Pizza Delivery:
    Pizza delivery is one of the most popular widely opted food delivery businesses. Such a venture can be started in two ways. First is getting a franchisee of a reputed pizza company such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s. And another is setting up your own restaurant or delivery company where you can offer a wide range of pizzas with different flavors and tastes.

    Egg Delivery Business:
    Eggs demand is not limited to individuals but various businesses such as hotels and restaurants. To establish this venture you would require partnering with some local farmers, poultry farms. The delivery also plays a vital role here. The eggs need to be fresh and are important to carry them safely while in transit.

    Bread and Milk Delivery Service:

    With this business venture, you can ensure a steady income as almost everyone eats bread and milk in their breakfast. Once you start this business, the most important thing you would have to consider is to make sure that your products are from a trusted manufacturer, to ensure the quality of your delivery.

    Fruit Delivery Business:

    In this delivery business, you can target the customers who are very specific in getting the fresh fruits. The customers can select the fruits that they require and the delivery is made as per the stated time and location. Here the most important factor is the quality of the fruits that are being delivered. You need to ensure that the fruits are fresh and hygienic in order to make the brand popular with the customers. Also needs to maintain a proper communication medium either by phone or online and a refrigerated car to deliver the order as and when required.

    Fast Food Delivery Business:
    This business delivery model is widely opted by many entrepreneurs. The target audience here is kids and the young generation who love fast food a lot. Here the owner can create an online platform where various small coffee shops or food retail outlets can be registered or may take a franchise from a renowned brand or restaurant chain.

    Online Event Catering Service:
    Being a full-service caterer for online food catering services such as events, weddings at an affordable price and fresh menu ideas and specialty cuisines can be a big go-to for offering premium online food solutions. It welcomes customers with small-to-big budgets and enables you to spread the word with your own service branding in the whole event.

    All Night Delivery:

    All-night food deliveries are incessantly becoming a rage in the online fast-food delivery marketplace. The all-night delivery business dynamics are making good economic sense when it comes to convenience and simplicity.

    Bakery Items Delivery:

    Bakeries create the most amazing fudges, truffles, toffees, cakes, pastries, and hot chocolates. Delivering them the same day or the next day with thoughtful packaging can pick the interest of customers at once.

    Food Blogger:

    If you love food then this one will come naturally to you, a food blog. Through your blog page, you could easily post pictures of the dishes you cook at home, write about your favorite dishes. One way you could monetize this effort is to divert traffic to your page through a sound social media strategy. You could make use of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook to run both organic and paid promotions to your website, as your traffic base (and follower) increases you could become an affiliate and promote related businesses on your website and charge an amount per click and conversion.

    YouTube Food Channel/ V-logger:

    YouTube is the second most viewed search engine after Google. People are increasingly switching preferences from articles to videos and this is one more area you can tap into. You could take videos of your cooking, give it a personal touch. Remember the end objective must be to add value to your viewers.


    By identifying your target audience, market that you want to deliver the best business opportunity can be garbed. Hopefully with this article, you can get an idea of the opportunity pool that is available and can decide accordingly.
  • 6 Ways Online Ticketing Can Help Your Next Event May 20, 2021



    What’s the first thought hits your mind when you plan to set up an event? Probably, the first thing that strikes your brain is the paper-based ticket, traditional marketing methods. We are used to paper-based tickets which we have witnessed for ages.

    But this digital-driven world has streamlined the operations of many industries, including event management. Advanced technology has simplified the process of managing event tickets. The online ticket bookingmobile app developmenthas reduced the burden of doing the monotonous workload of humans.

    We all are familiar with the perks of an online ticketing system offers to companies for managing events. But if you are planning the event for your small startup that has yet to be a brand in an online world, you are going to need to follow which help in your next event.

    In this blog, we will talk about the top 6 benefits which help in online ticket and create a tremendous impact on the next event

    When you throw an event, the primary motive is a promotion or to make money. But the more money you’ll save, the more profitable your event will be for your brand. By using the traditional selling ticket method, you are spending a lot of money. Printing ticket and selling it door-to-door is expensive. They are other factors also that we can’t overlook like salesman salary, available resources.

    While on the other hand, online ticket service is almost free. E-ticket mobile app development services are working as a passive function. You don’t need to add input in the event. With tickets being generated digitally and automatically send the receipt to the recipient, this includes zero cost. Let you make more profit from the vent including no cost.

    Time Efficient
    The biggest hurdle event management company’s face is time. They are running out of time, juggle between selling tickets and organizing the schedule. It won’t be a surprise for you to know that selling tickets online consumes less time compared to selling paper-based tickets, taking orders from, and manual paper print.

    One advantage is using online services like Bookmyshow is that all the tasks are automatic. It will hardly take 10 minutes to create an event online. Once you created the event, you can brainstorm new idea which helps in event management. The online ticket system automatically sends the bought ticket to the customers directly on the mail id, inbox. This eventually saves a lot of time.

    Adds Professionalism
    Selling tickets door-to-door seems unprofessional unless your event is only for local people. While the online ticket selling platforms look well-development, visually appealing develops trust among people. Also, people prefer to make a purchase online for events as it hassle-free, easy. They can do it without leaving the comfort of their home.

    Just imagine having a nice application or catchy URL that catches people’s attention quickly. It will last long without you being in front of your customers. The major importance is to have an appealing homepage which helps in selling more tickets. Wouldn’t that be more beneficial than traditional marketing?

    There are many ways one can use to check the attendees into events from traditional to digital. If the number of attendees is low, then it is okay to check people’s names on the people. Whilst if the number of coming people is high, then the person on the door needs to go through several pages for one person. This eventually keeps other people waiting and frustrates the audience.

    Similarly, you can also sign in to people by using the digital platform. The benefit of using online software is that they are integrated with the search function, which allows you to check the detail of the person quickly. Here the primary concern that arises is security, which is quite important. But technologies like QR code scanning make it secure. Online ticket booking platforms like Bookmyshow offers unique code to the attending people of the event. Then they need to scan the code to ensure that they have bought the ticket which makes e-ticket services more robust and secure.

    24x7 Availability
    If you are currently selling tickets with the help of employees, salesman, and retailers, then you are already facing a big problem; you are only selling when it’s best for you. It a marketing practice that customers should come first, shouldn’t this be used in the event selling process?

    While using online ticket services, you’ll have a lot of time to make the sale. Though it doesn’t guarantee you will make more sales. Your customers no longer need to wait for you to come to their place for the ticket. They can book it anytime they want. Offering time availability to your potential customers means you are offering them the convenience of making a purchase any time they want.

    Bad Weather Conditions
    Pre-purchased buyers are passionate, dedicated to your event. They will come to you even if the weather condition isn’t in their favor. Well, on the other hand, people with no financial commitment are most likely to cancel the event if the weather isn’t in their favor. Another thing is pre-purchased ticket buyers will do mouth-to-mouth marketing and influence other people to join them despite the weather.

    That’s one of the greatest advantages of e-ticket services; people already bought their tickets so you don’t have to worry about the terrible weather.


    Regardless of the size of your event, there are many advantages that online event ticket offers t us. The topmost perk is that online on-demand mobile app save a lot of time and cost-effective. Along with this, it helps in promotional tips and using marketing strategies to get more profit.