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  • SME Digital Marketing Trends in the UK in 2019 Mar 21, 2019


    A survey by Alba SEO
    We wanted to find out more about what SME’s thought of digital marketing (not just SEO) and so we launched a survey to find out. We posted the survey in a range of platforms where we thought we’d get the best response. This included LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and by using our network of fellow business professionals. None of our clients were used in this survey for obvious reasons. We got a good response to the survey and so we thank everyone who completed this for us. You can read the results in our White Paper on our website, but in essence we found that over 76% of small businesses that took the survey, do all their marketing online, with only 14% still using traditional marketing methods such as advertising, events or direct mail. The average spend on marketing ranges from £500-£5000 a year for smaller businesses, with the vast majority spent on online methods.

    The most popular online marketing method for smaller businesses is social media, with over 80% of respondents using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to market their businesses. SEO is also increasingly popular, with 60% using optimisation methods, followed by content marketing (52%), email marketing (47%) and social media marketing (33%).

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