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  • Boiler Grants Available in the North East of England Dec 24, 2019

    If you haven’t already heard of the 2019 Governments ECO Scheme, you may be interested to learn that qualifying homeowners can have their old inefficient boiler replaced free of charge, or heavily subsidised.

    If you qualify for the scheme, Replacement Boiler Grants will take the hassle out of making arrangements, by organising the installation of a brand new boiler in conjunction with an approved local company – completely free of charge!

    Free Boiler Grants available in the follow towns and villages across the North East of England, which includes Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham, Teesside and Cumbria.

    If your not in these areas you can apply on our other website, Free Boiler Grants. You must now be a homeowner, ideally living in a three-bedroom semi or above, with a suspended timber floor — limited Time for Boiler Grants. In addition to standard benefits, if you claim Child Benefit, you may now qualify.

    Apply online for Free Boiler at
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  • Common Gas Combination Boiler Problems Dec 19, 2019

    Gas Combination Boilers

    Some of the maximum common fuel combination Free Boiler Grants troubles that we encounter might be avoided if we handiest thought approximately it. We all generally tend to overlook approximately the gasoline boiler until it stops working, you awaken ready for the morning shower best to discover no hot water, the boiler has stopped working.

    The excellent way to avoid any issues with the gasoline boiler is to have an ordinary protection agreement to make sure the gas boiler is stored in the right operating condition. It’s odd, we realise, that without the boiler running we have no hot water or significant heating and yet maximum folks do not hassle getting it checked over until it breaks down.

    The fuel mixture boiler

    All fuel aggregate boilers are very similar within the manner they paintings, and it does now not be counted what make or model you have, all of them paintings necessarily the equal.

    What is a Gas mixture boiler?

    Combination free boilers supply both warm water and primary heating direct from the boiler, and you do now not need any water garage tanks for these boilers to work. When you call for warm water, the boiler will fire up and give you continuous water until you turn the faucet off. When the boiler is operating, warm water has precedence over the principal heating, so if the primary heating is on and you’re making a demand for water, the heating will go off at the same time as the boiler heats the water. Depending on how long you run the water, you should no longer notice any distinction inside the significant heating.

    Common problem, Expansion Vessel

    Most combination boilers have an internal growth vessel geared up, while the boiler leaves the manufacturing facility the expansion vessel is all installation and equipped to work. The enlargement vessel is like a balloon, inside the vessel is a huge rubber diaphragm that is charged with either air or nitrogen, while the boiler is operating the water internal begins to make bigger and has to head someplace, that is wherein the expansion vessel goes to work, it takes up the expansion of the hot water.

    Overtime the enlargement vessel loses it is a charge of air or nitrogen and could want to be reset for it to paintings as it must do.

    So how do you know if the growth vessel desires to reset?

    Most fuel aggregate boilers have a pressure gauge suited to the front panel, and it must examine around 1 bar while bloodless, as the water heats up the indicator will rise to around 2 bar, have to the gauge rise to a few bars. Above then you can have enlargement vessel trouble.

    Have ever noticed that your boiler gauge is on zero and the boiler has long gone to lockout?

    Have you observed water dripping from the boiler overflow pipe?

    These are all symptoms of a diffusion vessel problem.

    Hot Water Problems

    The subsequent boiler hassle isn’t always as not unusual, but it’ll appear subsequently in case you do not maintain your boiler.

    Have you noticed the new water isn’t always getting as hot as it must be?

    Has it beyond regular time been taking longer to warmness up?

    Most fuel aggregate boilers have a separate hot water warmth exchanger to supply the new water to the faucets. When you make a call for hot water the boiler fires up, and the water circulates simplest within the boiler, it passes via the hot water heat exchanger and heats the water equipped with a view to using.

    When the boiler was hooked up from new, the entire system has to have been cleaned and flushed out to dispose of any dirty water and debris, as soon as clean an inhibitor need to of been delivered to the device water.

    The inhibitor protects and forestalls sludge increase within the boiler and the radiators, over the years the inhibitor dilutes down and needs to be topped up. This is normally carried out on the boiler service however once more seems to get overlooked out.

    If the gadget water has now not been checked and the inhibitor topped up, then sludge will begin to grow inside the gadget. The warm water warmness exchanger is one of the first places that the sludge will increase, this restricts the go with the flow of water and the boiler begins to overheat and could close down before the water has been heated to the suitable temperature, as soon as this occurs the hot water at your taps will now not warmness up as it needs to and could subsequently run cold.

    If you have skilled both of those problems together with your gas mixture boiler then you should name to your nearby gasoline safe boiler engineer to check over the boiler, if left unchecked you could be replacing the boiler sooner than you thought.

    Gas mixture boilers have changed the way we stay nowadays, but they want to be checked regularly to preserve them in good running order. Call to your local gas safe registered boiler organisation and hold your boiler is working.

    To apply for a free boiler grant go to