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    Printed Carrier Bags - The Real Value …

    Even in the present economic climate many companies are preferring to give their customers printed carrier bags rather than plain.

    This appears to be for a number of very good reasons, not least of these being…

    ‘…If you are giving away money to your customers every day, in the form of a plain carrier bag, then it makes sense that the carrier bag should ideally be working for you as a method of advertising for your company or brand’.

    It would appear that not having printed carrier bags could prove to be a false economy by way of a valuable missed advertising opportunity. After all, your company message is important, it is the very thing that sets your company apart from the rest and helps to define what you do well. Arguably, your message should be broadcast as often and as widely as possible.

    Printed carrier bags are truly versatile and durable message bearing products and might be best described as an excellent form of viral advertising as they are paraded about town courtesy of your valued customers.

    Marketing aware companies have been known to distribute their own printed carrier bags to other shops in their area, for free, to use and give out to their customers, to increase the printed carrier bag purchaser’s own brand/company name visibility.

    Certainly, in comparison to some other media advertising, printed carrier bags are an inexpensive form of advertising and it could be suggested that many business owners get an immense sense of satisfaction and pride in seeing the High Street awash with their company name and message for less outlay than the average local newspaper advert.

    The impact of repetitive public exposure to your company name and message on your printed carrier bags may well act to etch your business into the forefront of your customers minds. Much better, perhaps, that your business is a first thought than an afterthought.

    Printed carrier bags may also assist in preserving or enhancing public perception of your service or products. Arguably, there could be little value in putting a quality product into a cheap candy striped or blue vest type carrier bag and handing it to your customer at the checkout, whereas, a quality printed carrier bag could have a certain ‘extra value’ feeling attached.

    Your customer has taken the time, effort and expense to shop in your store, perhaps a feel good printed carrier bag to take their purchase away in is all that is required to leave a lasting impression of satisfaction and feeling of appreciation. It is an inexpensive ‘thank you’ that your customer can walk away with and something they are likely to want to share with their friends.

    Printed carrier bags are now available in a wide range of materials to suit your ethos, required use and budget. Printed paper carrier bags, printed polythene carrier bags, re-usable woven and unwoven printed carrier bags, and the increasingly more popular, biodegradable printed carrier bags and bags-for-life.

    The available choice is literally astounding and, whatever your requirements, there is now, almost certainly, a printed carrier bag to suit your needs.

    The value of printed carrier bags to your company, arguably, should be equally measured alongside most, if not all, of those things essential to your business. We would argue that printed carrier bags are not just frippery or extravagance, they should be a necessary and integral part to any retail business/marketing plan.

    Phil Johnson
    Managing Director - The Bag Supplier Ltd
    e: [email protected]

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