• Would you use a Google Chromebook as your day to day business desktop computer? Jul 8, 2019
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    I would but I need to run Windows applications, can I run Windows applications on a Chromebook?

    Chromebooks, for those unfamiliar with them are sort of a cross between a laptop and an Android tablet. They run Chrome OS and are intended to either run a select number of applications from the Chrome store, or more recent ones can also run Android apps from Google Play.

    They are relatively cheap to buy and, as it's hard to install applications other than those on the Chrome store, they are generally more secure than your average Windows desktop.

    But, if your Line of Business application needs to run on Windows, or you need more functionality out of your Microsoft Office applications than you get with the online or Android versions, then you may be put off opting for a Chromebook as your main desktop.

    But, did you know you can also run Windows applications on your Chromebook?

    Chromebooks are all about taking advantage of cloud computing and cloud services, and by putting your Windows applications in a cloud based remote desktop service you can run them in your Chrome web browser on the Chromebook, so you can move all your applications to the cloud.
    For more details on this please read this article.

    For many businesses and charities a Chromebook can save costs, not least by reducing support costs. Combine this with the benefits of cloud hosting your Windows applications, data databases and other infrastructure and you're no longer tied to a particular device.
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