• Why Your Clients Need A Streamlined Annual Leave Management System Jan 12, 2021
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    Annual leave management isn’t the most exciting area of running a business. Nor is it the most important. However, it is a process that affects every single business that has employees and, if this process isn’t managed properly, it can cause endless problems for your clients and their staff. So, what if you could offer them a cost-effective, cloud-based solution to one of the biggest headaches they deal with every day? Well, now you can.

    BrightPay Connect is a cloud-portal add-on to our award-winning payroll software. It combines payroll functionality with human resources features for a one-stop-shop solution for your clients and your bureau. It uses the latest in automation technology to ensure a user-friendly experience that your clients will love, and was designed with bureaus in mind to ensure that your job is made easier than ever before.

    One of the most unique features of BrightPay Connect is its annual leave management tool which allows every element of leave management to be handled in the cloud from anywhere and at any time. Tell your clients to say goodbye to old fashioned leave request forms and files, and say hello to annual leave management that makes sense for everyone.

    The Benefits Of Streamlining Annual Leave Management For Your Clients

    Streamlining their annual leave management system has major benefits for your clients. These benefits are across the board, whether they’re running a small business with just a few employees or a large, multinational organisation with hundreds of employees.

    Less Time-Consuming

    Your clients are busy and will always be open to ways that they can make time-consuming tasks less so. Your clients need systems that can increase efficiencies and boost productivity, and BrightPay Connect does this in many ways. One example is how it allows employees to apply for leave directly from their employee self-service smartphone or tablet app. The request instantly appears in the HR managers online client dashboard, meaning less time is spent sending emails back and forth or filling out paper-based forms.

    Fewer Errors Made

    Manual leave management systems are often much more vulnerable to errors. This is because employees can easily enter their leave dates incorrectly, or their HR manager can make an error when copying them into the company calendar. It may seem like a silly mistake to make, but when your client has got fifty other things to do and they’re trying to get the task done as quickly as possible, these things can happen.

    This is where a streamlined system like BrightPay Connect can make managing leave infinitely easier and reduce the risk of errors significantly. Connect automatically copies dates across and ensures that everything in the calendar is correct.

    Simpler For Everyone

    Streamlining their annual leave management system makes life easier for your clients and for you. Employers can keep track of who’s on leave and when, employees don’t need to jump through hoops to find out how much leave they have left to take, and for you, the leave is automatically synchronised to the payroll software, without the need for the client to inform you of employee leave information. When communication is made easier, everyone is happier.

    With BrightPay Connect, every element of the leave management process - from the employee requesting leave to the HR manager approving the leave and seeing it automatically appear in the company calendar - is done through online employer and employee portals. To make it even easier again, BrightPay Connect automatically keeps a time-stamped log of all requests and actions for future reference.

    More Cost-Effective

    Every business owner knows that if something is taking them less time, then it's costing them less money, and your clients know this too. By showing them how much more straightforward managing their employee annual leave can be with BrightPay Connect, and how cost-effective BrightPay Connect’s pricing is, they’ll see the cost benefits of making the move and be thrilled that you suggested it to them.

    Book Your Free BrightPay Connect Demo

    If you’re a payroll bureau or accountant and you’d like to offer a value-added service to your clients, then BrightPay Connect is perfect cloud payroll software solution for you.

    Book a free demo with a member of our Connect team today, and let them explain its features in much more detail, answer any questions you may have and talk you through our competitive pricing plan.

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