• Why Your Business Needs a Centralised HR System Sep 8, 2020
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    Human resources is one of the most important aspects of any thriving business. A successful HR department is one that is constantly adapting to changes in the industry, provides opportunities for employees to develop, updates company policies and procedures in line with legislative changes, works in collaboration with staff to cultivate vibrant company culture, and provides vital support to management teams at all times.

    But with all of these responsibilities and more to juggle, how can a HR manager or team ensure that they’re working at maximum efficiency and effectiveness? With a centralised HR system, of course.

    What Is a Centralised HR System?

    A centralised online system allows HR managers and teams, from humble start-ups to massive multinational giants, to bring together all aspects of human resources processes into one, easy to access virtual space. These systems improve data protection, facilitate intra-department teamwork, make it easier to minimise errors and significantly improve time-management.

    Centralised systems make the entire human resources department more streamlined by replacing outdated paper-pushing methods with innovative and intuitive software. This enables anyone in any department of the company (who has been given permission) to access the system and any documents or data it contains from anywhere in the world, making remote working easier than ever.

    If your company is making efforts to modernise, there is no doubt that human resources is one department that can see immediate benefits from moving to a centralised system, such as BrightPay Connect.

    5 Benefits of Centralised HR Systems

    So, let’s break down the benefits of moving your human resources to a centralised system.

    1. Less Room For Error - No matter how diligent or experienced a HR manager may be, human error is unavoidable. This is especially true when using paper forms and filing systems. On the other hand, when using software to manage your HR processes, such as employee leave or training, the chances of human error are much lower. This is because automated software like BrightPay Connect does much of the hard work for you, including leave calculations, automated synchronization and filing employee records.

    2. Improved Time Management - With paper systems, things naturally take a lot more time. If a mistake is made in a form, for example, the entire form may need to be started from scratch. Perhaps annual leave entitlement calculations take a lot of time, manually printing and emailing important HR documents to employees. A centralised HR system helps to cut down on all of this wasted time, making each process faster and the entire HR team more efficient.

    3. Better Team Collaboration - One of the greatest advantages of using a centralised system is how much easier it makes collaboration between teams in different departments of the business. One common example of such a collaboration would be giving a sales manager access to the HR system so that they can approve leave for employees within their department and cross-check upcoming leave periods within their team. This cuts down on the need for managers to email HR departments when looking for information like this.

    4. More Security - Replacing a traditional paper system with a modern, centralised one makes everything more secure. With a centralised online system, such as BrightPay Connect, files are safely stored in the cloud. This eliminates the fear of losing or damaging important files. It also provides added data protection as some systems, including BrightPay Connect, are GDPR compliant.

    5. Simplified Leave Management - Managing leave can be a complicated process, especially if you have a large team of employees. Between sick days, public holidays, annual leave, maternity leave and more, it’s not easy to keep on top of who is taking time off and when. With a centralised system, employees can request leave through their employee app, and all leave is automatically added to the online calendar in real-time. The leave is then synced with the payroll software on the payroll processor’s PC, ensuring that everyone is paid accurately for their leave.

    Try BrightPay Connect’s Centralised HR System Today!

    If a centralised HR system is something you’re interested in for your business, BrightPay Connect offers a ready-to-go, easy-to-use online HR solution. The BrightPay Connect add-on to the payroll software is user-friendly for even the most novice HR professionals to master.

    One of the biggest advantages of BrightPay Connect over other software products is the employee self-service feature. This means that employees can request leave, edit their existing personal information and more via a handy mobile application on their phones (compatible with both iOS and Android) or on their desktops.

    BrightPay Connect comes with several free video tutorials, webinars and e-books (not to mention free phone and email support) to help businesses get the most from the add-on.

    So, what are you waiting for? Book your free demo today to find out more about how BrightPay Connect’s centralised system can transform your human resources management today.

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