• Why Tablet POS Systems be the Best Solution for Your Restaurant Jan 5, 2018
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    1. Restaurant tablet POS is a less expensive option when installing multiple POS systems. Purchasing more than one traditional, fixed POS system —if you’re opening multiple units at the same time or setting up several POS stations in a single restaurant, for example — necessitates a significant financial outlay. The investment can be minimized when you choose a restaurant tablet POS configuration, as even ruggedized, purpose-built tablet POS hardware carries a smaller price tag than its traditional stationary counterpart. In many cases, operators can obtain restaurant tablet POS hardware at a low upfront price, with the corresponding POS software available on a monthly subscription basis.
    2. A restaurant tablet POS configuration yields anytime, anywhere access to mission-critical data. Because tablet POS software resides in the cloud, all the mission-critical data you need to control your business — from sales and inventory information to detailed financials — remains at your fingertips from wherever there is an Internet connection
    3. These days, restaurant owners are investing in tablet-based POS systems because they understand how important it is to invest in technology that will ultimately lead to a smoother, quicker service.
    4. Small is beautiful
      A low cost, high performance POS with the features of more expensive system
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