• Why Schools and Other Educational Institutes Need to Invest In Mobile Apps? Apr 17, 2017
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    Most of the educational institutions are grappling with the problem of high drop-out rates . This not just tarnishes the reputation of an established organization ,but also minimizes the amount of funding which it receives. Several colleges as well as universities are finding out ways for incorporating technology into their regular classroom working. They are in fact looking out for ways how teachers as well as students can stay updated with latest technological advancements.

    A lot of educational institutes have changed the way they communicate with students. Rapid integration of technologies in the classroom promotes a flexible approach so as to incline students towards the ongoing developments and thus aids them for figuring out the better futuristic visions through education and learning mobile applications. As a matter of fact,there are an extensive array of apps which have a lot of appeal and usability for the educational institutes.

    1. SAMR model: This amazing app enables teachers to incorporate technology into teaching methodology. Students get a fresh approach towards learning. SAMR model was developed with clear-cut objectives of assisting teachers to design, build up and incorporate digital media to augment the students’ overall level of achievement. This app represents a healthy digitization of the educational structures.

    2. Class Dojo: With this app teachers can easily store information about students.and their individual behavior. The above application offers a seamless approach for sharing the student behavior , performance etc with their parents for examining their growth .It redefines the educational structure and caters a sophisticated learning atmosphere The data collected about the student is presented in the form of a graph which can easily be analyzed by both the teacher and the parent thus prescribing a sophisticated solution for measuring the dropout rates. As a result, parents are always updated regarding their child conduct and behavior

    3. Socrative Teacher: Tutors can embark on formative assessments via the x fxquizzes, exit tickets, fast question polls and space races by means of this amazing app. The information collected is directly sent to tablet or phone of the student and inspires students to focus on the recognized opportunities. As a result, time related issues are conserved as the students can actively communicate with the teachers thus outlining more actionable information..

    4. Educade: This wonderful app enables you to search for lesson plans as well as teacher tools. It encompasses all the resources required by the tutors and entails proper learning- driven approach with featured reviews of the lessons so as to develop amicable result- oriented solutions. As a result, teachers are able to keep their lessons as well as lectures more engaging so that more and more students are ready to attend the course.

    5. Schoology: This app aids teachers to effectively supervise their classroom, to make and put forward various assignments, and enables them to work together with peers in order to make communication in educational institutes faster and convenient. Most of the students lack confidence to speak out in a group and the above mobile application provides a boosted platform for enhancing their oratory skills and assists them to open up without any hassle.

    All of the apps mentioned here are motivated to improve the overall growth of the students and prescribes a much broader platform for enhancing the communication strategies. These applications drive maximal students and help educational institutes to attain a reputable position.

    Ample of universities and organizations are hiring mobile app development companies for initiating the mobile learning application development pertaining to their own specific needs.. For example, there can be apps which indicate trends depicting performance of the college or university. Also, you can have apps which can track the admission process. As every organization aims to produce streams of skilled students it is necessary to inculcate varied and distinctive learning mechanisms.


    Technology is having an impact on each and every field and so you cannot undermines its influence on education institutes. You need to become more responsive to the needs of students and this can only be done with the help of state of art apps, thus
    Educational institutions and colleges are inculcating learning apps, so as to incline maximum density of students. Several E-learning solutions have been prescribed for developing an enriched and tech-powered stream of learners with more focused and astonishing goals.

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