• Why Mobile Apps are dominating the today’s market? Jun 1, 2017
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    Major percentage of a person’s time is spent using their mobile phone. Are you wondering why? Well, it’s simple! Mobile phones are handy, easy to operate and comfortable to carry along everywhere. They are capable of performing most of the significant tasks that previously, only a laptop or PC could offer. Recently, it has been found that people now are inclining most of their time using mobile applications rather than mobile web.

    Mobile Apps Replacing Web Surfing

    As per the latest estimates, mobile users are expending 85% of their time on the usage of different mobile apps. Furthermore, going by techcrunch.com, 84% of this time is exhausted by exploiting a regular set of 5 apps downloaded from the app market. Now these 5 apps vary, depending upon the interest of the person using it, ranging from apps under the category of gaming, instant messaging, social media, or some e-commerce site. Some of the apps that experience wide usage among people worldwide are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Amazon, Snapchat and Gmail.

    The above statistics make it rather clear that mobile apps have become the strongest and most dominant form of media in the current times. And this is only expected to grow. The percentage of mobile app users are witnessing a tremendous growth with each passing year.


    Reasons for Mobile Apps Becoming Dominant

    Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons why mobile apps are so well accepted these days:

    1. Ease of Use

    Ease of use stays to be the prime reason for mobile apps becoming so popular. Browsing on a smaller screen gets so much easier and comfortable with specially designed apps rather than scrolling through the websites. Mobile apps spare the users a lot of their valuable time by smartly placing all significant icons, ruling out the need of constantly zooming in and out. Furthermore, there is a lesser need of opening and closing of different pages to accomplish a small task.

    2. Ease of Task Continuity

    Moving ahead, there is something even more important that contributes to these apps becoming dominant. When a user is operating an app, everything in their mobile device is perfectly sorted. They can have a look at it and can continue anytime. For instance, a user is scrolling through an eCommerce app and there is something they like, but do not wish to buy it immediately. In such a case, you save the item for the later- on purposes. With an automatic login, the next time they visit the app, they can simply click on the saved items and view all the products they ever added and can buy them as per their convenience. Accomplishing this same task on a web browser may call for some real toiling. You need to visit the web page of the e-commerce site, log-in and save the items. And the next time, again follow the same to view all saved items.

    3. Convenience and Connectivity

    The immense popularity of mobile apps has considerably reduced the time spent by people on the mobile web as well as their desktops. Always on the go, people only use their desktops to do significant official work. For all other things, they stick to mobile devices that are loaded with competent mobile apps.

    Furthermore, the easy availability of internet has greatly contributed to the increased usage of mobile phones. With high speed internet working 24 x 7 on their mobile phones, they find it time consuming to connect their desktops to a network. Also, for a fact, the apps load much faster as compared to web pages. People of all age groups possess a mobile phone these days. However, the same cannot be said for PCs or laptops. They are restricted to those requiring it for educational or professional purpose.

    Final Thoughts

    All the above mentioned reasons make it rightful to conclude that digital usage is gradually thriving towards the use of mobile applications. It is imperative for all business organizations to buckle up and dive into the app market, in order to make their businesses more remarkable. Thus, with the rising trend of iPhone or android apps, optimize your clientele’s requirements and get your organization conserved with a signified popularity.

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