• Why 2021 will be the year of the employee payroll app Jan 8, 2021
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    For most of us, using a mobile phone in the workplace has always been a complete no-no. Like our classrooms at school, phones should be stashed away out of sight while in the office, right? Well, maybe. But that’s rapidly changing thanks to the myriad ways that employers are now using mobile technology to streamline their business, boost employee morale and, ultimately, grow profits.

    Employee apps first started showing up in the naughties but they’ve only really taken off in more recent years. These days there are dozens if not more apps and mobile platforms that employers can use to improve employee engagement (that’s human resource lingo for “make their staff happy and productive”). But these apps can do more than make your business a nicer place to work for your employees. They can improve your payroll processes too.

    How Employee Apps Can Help With Payroll

    Employee apps help when staff are working remotely

    As little as ten years ago remote working was an obscure concept to most people. Today, the majority of the UK’s workforce are now accustomed to working from home, thanks to COVID-19. Even before lockdown, remote working in some form or another was becoming increasingly common.

    Unsurprisingly, this raises some unique challenges for employers and employees alike, and employee apps have been very successful at providing clever solutions to those challenges. In short, employee payroll apps, such as BrightPay Connect, make working from home not only possible but also ensure that payroll for those employees doesn’t suffer or become more complicated as a result.

    Employee apps simplify leave management processes

    One of the most important jobs of a payroll manager is to ensure that payroll and paid/unpaid leave are consistent with each other. This might not be such a big job if the company is small with just a few employees on the payroll, but the larger a business grows and the bigger its team becomes, the more time it takes to ensure that payroll and leave are in sync.

    Employee apps help with this as the leave is recorded on an online calendar, and is automatically synchronised to the payroll software in real-time. This means that the entire process is streamlined, from the employee requesting leave via their mobile app to the payroll updating automatically to reflect that leave.

    Employee apps enable employees to access payroll information easily

    Another benefit of using an employee app is that payroll departments can make payroll information easily available to employees via the app. This means that by simply logging in on their phones, employees can view and download their payslips and keep other important data up-to-date such as their postal addresses or phone number. With BrightPay Connect, employee data is stored safely and securely, ensuring GDPR compliance.

    The BrightPay Connect Mobile App

    BrightPay is one of the leading payroll software products in the market today. It has won awards for Payroll Software of the year in 2018 and 2019 and is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X software. Not only that, but it includes intuitive auto enrolment functionality, supports all RTI submission types and is fully HMRC recognised. But what about the app?

    BrightPay’s employee app is included with BrightPay Connect, a cloud portal add-on to the payroll software. Connect also includes a wide variety of additional features for your business from automated cloud backups to employer dashboards and HR document distribution.

    If you haven’t tried BrightPay Connect yet, simply get in touch to avail of a free demo during which an experienced BrightPay expert will talk you through the various features of the software and the many ways it can benefit your business.

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