• Who is the actual hero for your industry – AdWords vs Facebook Jul 20, 2018
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    The constant debate that goes on in any businessman's mind is about advertising in the digital space. Today, there are quite a few options available to him – right from Google AdWords to Facebook Ads. For the business owner, it becomes quite challenging to decide the right advertising medium for him to go about.
    Today the pay-per-click model has only 2 competitors in it - AdWords and Facebook. But not all businesses flourish exclusively under both these advertising strategies. For some, AdWords is the best and for others Facebook is the winner and yet for some, both work equally great.

    A Background About Facebook and Google Advertising

    When a business has to expand visibility and boost its outreach to augment customer base, the go-to places are Google’s search engine and the Facebook’s feeds. Google’s AdWords is able to make an impact on billions of people, every day. Whereas Facebook has over 2 billion active members in any given month. Both these media fare very well in their report card when it comes to delivering their respective results. It all depends on the kind of business that somebody wants to target, that makes all the difference.
    First of all, be aware that there are around 2 million searches on Google, every minute. So, if a business wants to target that any numbers of people at one go, then AdWords work best. Facebook has a niche section of people which can be tapped by any business. One can create brand awareness, generate leads, deviate traffic to particular posts, etc. They have something called as ‘lookalike audiences’ which the advertisers can create. Here, customer details are uploaded from databases to Facebook. Based on the data provided by third parties, a filter is applied which matches with the piece of information that the database has uploaded. This results in a ‘lookalike’ audience, where advertisers can reach a lot more number of customers similar to their existing customers.
    Let us see what kind of business fare exceptionally well with each of the models.

    • Business to Business Marketing Model:

    In a B2B model, the product is particular to one section of the customers. In such a case, AdWords is the ideal option. In such a model, the cost-per-click is high, as is the customer lifetime value.
    Facebook too has made its grand entry into the B2B model by categorizing the audience in terms of job titles, roles, employers and company size. Lead ads can also be created by automatically populating a user’s contact details which lets anybody to 3 extra fields to qualify the lead for a sales team.
    For some organizations, these features of Facebook make it an ideal option for their advertising needs, the CPC too being low. But still, the traffic and leads generated through Facebook is lesser than that of AdWords.

    Stay fresh and new

    Retargeting is one thing that needs to be done irrespective of the advertising media that is chosen. When the money is already spent to generate certain traffic, it only seems wise to stay on top with the ads being fresh and intriguing.

    • Business to consumer marketing

    Facebook is numero uno in this business model. Advertising here is very sensitive to cost. The Facebook user base is usually the traffic at the higher funnel, the conversion rate being lower. Since the cost-per-click is lower, the cost-per-conversion is much lower in Facebook.

    Pros of AdWords

    A wide range of audience: Google has the capacity to reach a very huge audience. It handles 40k searches every second.
    Relevant and quality: A relevant ads give a better experience to the user and compels him to go back to the search engine. Thus, AdWords give primary importance to relevance. Advertisers do not need to bid high if their ads are optimized as compared to those which are poorly framed.
    Though Facebook is relatively new to the industry, it is constantly refining its features and is fast becoming a mainstay in paid social.

    Benefits of Facebook

    Facebook has an extremely big user base. Advertisers take advantage of this to drive their ads to a specific section of people.
    - People post every detail of their life on Facebook, such as getting married, joining a new job, the birth of a child, dining out, etc. Thus advertising organizations have a section of people to cater to specific needs. Facebook advertising works immensely well with the targeted audience, but it depends on your Facebook marketing experts.
    - Ads blend perfectly well: The ads on Facebook tend to integrate smoothly with videos and images in the users’ News Feed.
    - Great return on investment: Affordable budgeting on Facebook leads to very high ROI. Facebook works perfectly well for small businesses and organizations with specific resources as it does with big brand names.

    Our parting thoughts

    So, when it comes to deciding and picking up between the AdWords and Facebook, why is it considered a war between them? It does not have to that way, one can choose both. They both have distinctive advantages for all types of businesses. Their target options are diverse and they both give a high impact ad placement. Both these ad serving platforms are effective at attracting new customers.
    It depends on the priorities of the business organizations that they can choose between the two giants. If their aim is to just pique the interest of audiences regarding their brand and get more social media to their brand, then Facebook will serve the purpose. But if businesses need leads, sales, and conversions, then both AdWords and Facebook would be beneficial.
    Or, let there be no competition. They can be used in conjunction with each other, for a more effective approach.
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