• When isn't a wine cooler a wine cooler - When it's a wine cooler - The AdWords dilemma Mar 10, 2019
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    I've been helping a guy out recently who sells Wine Coolers

    He has been running a Google AdWords campaign for some time but having problems with the main keywords Wine Cooler and Wine Coolers.

    The big problem is that this is one of the main target phrases but people using the phrase may not be looking for the type of wine cooler he sells.

    The type of wine cooler he sells are luxury wine storage cabinet which have bottle capacities ranging from 43 bottles to 176 bottles and ranging in price from £999 to £1800.

    When people search for a wine cooler they may be looking for his type of product, but could equally be looking for the cheap under counter wine fridges that appear everywhere at the moment for the £300 mark, they may be looking for a simple ice bucket type of wine cooler used for keeping a single bottle of wine cool or even looking for the drink called a wine cooler.

    He can't not target the phrase but could be wasting a lot of money on clicks from people not interested in his products.

    We've set numerous negative keywords and have the wording of the ads set up to make it obvious what the products are before people have to click to see them but are still getting a lot of traffic just landing on the page and leaving again, which suggests they are not finding what they are looking for.

    We have the same problem with the phrase wine cabinets as again people could be looking for nice wooden wine cabinets or similar pieces of furniture.

    Just one of the dilemmas of using AdWords for phrases with multiple meanings :-(
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