• What you should know about vehicle tracking Jan 18, 2018
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    What you should know about vehicle tracking.

    The idea of secretly slipping a magnetic tracking device under a rouge employees car to find out if he is moonlighting may seem like a great idea but unless you want to end up the wrong side of the law think again. Tough new UK stalking laws make it illegal to track a person without their permission. (though there seems to be a grey area if you own the vehicle and you are protecting your asset from theft).

    Best practice is to inform your workers you are fitting trackers. You may well find that fuel economy and worker productivity improve dramatically as soon as they know their routes and speeds are being monitored.

    Modern tracking devices are tiny in comparison to trackers of the past and can be fitted in seconds by the business owner and easily changed between vehicles.

    Fleet tracking devices will not only give live locations of your vehicles but also give you a full history of where the vehicle has been along with all the stop and start points. If you run a fleet of vehicle you can see at a glance where they all are enabling you to manage your routing and inform your customers when their workman or delivery is going to arrive.


    When looking for tracking suppliers beware of entering into long contracts as the cost of hardware and mobile data is falling all the time and you could end up stuck into a 3 or 5 year contract which may seem great now but may not be so good down the line.

    See how easy it is to fit a tracker

    For more information and free advice please contact me directly [email protected] or see a full range of tracking devices at www.back2you.com
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