• What Is the Green Deal? Mar 11, 2013
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    The Green Deal is a government scheme which looks to make the United Kingdom a more energy efficient economy, the most efficient in Europe. It is the coalition governments 'flagship carbon emission reduction' policy.

    The basis of the deal is relatively simple.

    All homeowners and business looking to improve the energy efficiency of the property they reside can get in touch with a Green Deal Assessor who has been on a Green Deal Training Course who will produce a report detailing the installations the property would benefit from, such as a new combination boiler, wall insulation, double glazing and even solar panels, and discuss the finance options available.

    The loan that will pay for the Green Deal installation is attached to the energy bill of the property, not the person who owns the property. Should a home owner sell their property they will be selling the property with the Green Deal contract-loan with it.

    The idea behind the loan is that the repayments for the loan are paid for by the properties energy savings as a result of the energy efficiency improvements.

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