• What Is SEO and How Could It Help Your Business? Feb 27, 2019
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    When it comes to taking your business online, the competition can often feel dizzying. The question is, how on Earth will you get customers to see your web page amidst the billions of others on the Internet? When it comes to ensuring that your brand gets seen, SEO is one of the most important marketing tools you can employ.

    What is SEO?
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    SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. This is the process by which website owners can propel their brand to the top of the search engine rankings by making it easier to find and categorise amongst the many competing websites. When it comes to building a well structured SEO strategy, a specialist digital marketing agency can save you a huge amount of lost time. SEO can be utilised as a subtle form of advertising which can increase the traffic to your website, in turn increasing your customer base. The goal is to result in your website ranking on the first page of the search engine results when it comes to your field.

    How Do Search Engines Work?

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    Search engines entail programmed software which sifts through webpages according to the text they contain, in order to index them and scan for relevance. Each page will then be granted a quality score in relation to the value and relevance of their keywords and content. As you are dealing with software rather than humans, it is important to understand how they quantify quality. The key components include URL names, page content, usability, page design, links and meta tags. The search engine software crawls keywords within website content in order to index it in their database, whereby it will be called upon should a user search a particular keyword or string of words.

    Where Does SEO Come In?

    As there are usually millions of webpages containing any one keyword in the directory, search engines also measure for relevance. When a search is entered, algorithms are used to sort through the directory, assessing meta tags, title tags, keyword density and links to select the most relevant, high-quality and authoritative results. By optimising your page in such a way that these search engines are able to understand and index them properly, you can ensure that your page is in the database, whilst by increasing the apparent relevance of your site you can push yourself to the top of the pile. By creating content on other sites which contains keywords and links to your own site, you can increase the visibility of your webpage in the search engine and thus bring in some organic hits. For more information on how to pick keywords, check out this handy article. The authority of a site is mainly measured according to the number and quality of links it has from other webpages. By creating high-quality external content that links back to your page, you can push it higher up in the search results.

    Is It Effective?

    When executed properly, SEO is a highly effective form of digital marketing. As search engine algorithms are continually being changed and updated, it is important to stay on top of trends to ensure that your content continues to be classified as relevant. Besides from pushing your website to the top of the page, SEO content is also a great way to allow customers to organically land on your webpage as a result of researching relevant topics. With between 80 and 90% of buyers now checking reviews and advice pieces before they purchase a product, SEO is certainly an important way to make your website visible to potential customers.
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