• What does a vehicle's VIN could tell you? Jul 31, 2020
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    Have you ever wondered what all your VIN could tell you? It's a long string of numbers that you give to your insurance company, but what exactly does it tell them?

    The truth is that not only does your VIN act as a way to identify a vehicle, but it also provides a whole lot of information about the car itself. So, what exactly does a vehicle's VIN tell you?


    Manufacturer Specifications

    A vehicle's VIN tells you a ton about what a car was equipped with when it rolled off the assembly line. It can tell you the make, model, and even the engine size. Furthermore, it can tell you exactly where a car was made. For instance, in 2015, Mazda had manufacturing plants in both Mexico and Japan. Depending on where a Mazda manufactured the Mazda 3 model, changed what kind of parts that they put on. In fact, the brakes were entirely different sizes!

    If you needed to know what size brakes to order, you needed to know where Mazda made that vehicle. And the easiest way to find that out was to look at the VIN!

    But the VIN can tell you a lot more than just where the manufacturer assembled a vehicle. It can tell you:
    • Where the car was made

    • The company that built the car

    • The type of engine

    • The size of the engine

    • The year of the vehicle

    • Where the vehicle was assembled
    While the VIN can tell you all of these things, it's important to note that it's telling you what was on the vehicle when it came off the assembly line, not necessarily the currently installed parts. That's because the VIN the vehicle rolls off the assembly line with is the VIN that will follow that vehicle forever, regardless of any mechanical work.

    If you want to find out everything your vehicle's VIN can tell you about how your vehicle was manufactured, all you need to do is put it into one of the many available VIN decoders, like the one provided by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, for vehicles from US or https://www.carvertical.com/vin-decoder for all vehicles.

    Vehicle History

    While a vehicle's VIN can tell you all kinds of cool things about the original specifications of a vehicle, it can do more than just that.

    If you have a vehicle's VIN, you can look up the vehicle's entire reported history. Anytime that a car was taken to a dealership for an oil change or was in an accident can be found with a vehicle's VIN.

    And finding out that information is easier than you think. All you need to do is type the VIN into one of the many available VIN history report checkers. Whether it's bestvindecoder.com or myfreevin.com, there are tons of services out there that let you access this information.


    When it comes to finding out information about a vehicle, nothing is more valuable than the VIN. Whether you're looking for the original specifications of a vehicle or looking for the car's history; the VIN is what you need to figure it all out.
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