• Voice Technology in IoT Expands to EMM Dec 11, 2017
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    Voice input has started playing an important role in encouraging IoT adoption by enterprises. It removes the restrictions of screens and manual data input and makes Internet of Things more intuitive with human interaction capabilities. As per Gartner, IoT is expected to reach 26 billion installed units by 2020.

    With more and more enterprises implementing next-generation endpoints like wearables and IoT, there has been a huge jump in demand for EMM solutions that can control, secure and manage IoT devices being used for business purpose. EMM solution providers are now looking at innovative capabilities and enhancements that will be able to meet the forward-thinking requirements of an organization’s enterprise mobility architecture. The progression to voice control monitoring in IoT has caused EMM providers to also start looking at how voice technology can be incorporated into mobility management practices as well.

    In the last few years, Voice Technology has emerged as a key feature in enterprise applications. Voice applications have been introduced in shops and manufacturing floors that allows workers to perform their tasks hands free.

    This process is now being adapted by EMM solution providers who are looking at voice technology as a medium to capture information from endpoints, analyse the data and take action as per the analysis. 42Gears has made headway in this path by introducing the world’s first Virtual Assistant for EMM – DeepThought, an AI chatbot with intuitive human interaction capabilities that can receive commands through voice input and use NLP (Natural Language Processor) to convert those commands into appropriate actions.

    By introducing voice technology to EMM, IT admin have been handed an easier alternative to extract data that they require. Voice is a way to provide a more flexible user experience and is often less time consuming than other data input/output methods. It also helps to reduce the adoption and learning curve for the IT admin.

    Voice enabled chat option for DeepThought allows IT admin to simply voice out a command and the chatbot will extract the requested data from the database. It will be interesting to see how voice technology will be used to manage business processes utilizing IoT technology for improved productivity in the future.

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