• UK Secretary of State Sheds Light on the Good Work Plan Dec 27, 2018
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    Mathew Taylor had published the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices in July 2017. The Review made recommendations based on new work practices and models such as digital platforms and the gig economy. The Government published a response to the Review in February 2018 and subsequently launched four consultations advise from stakeholders.

    Based on the recommendations of Taylor Review and feedback from consultations, the Government published The Good Work Plan this month that sets out the vision of the labour market in the UK.

    Government’s Approach Explained

    Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), who had headed the team that published the plan gave a statement explaining how the Government’s will implement recommendations to improve the UK labour market.

    According to Mr. Clark, the Good Work Plan aims to ensure that the UK labour market continues to thrive in the coming years. The market has performed positively in recent years with low unemployment in every region, and growing wages.

    The Secretary of State said that the success of the labour market has been largely due to the flexibility and protection offered to workers by employment legislation and policy framework. He said that the aim of the Government’s industrial strategy was to ensure good work and better jobs for workers.

    Rebecca Long Bailey, the Shadow Secretary of State of BEIS acknowledged the accomplishments of the Secretary of State but also reminded that nearly 4 million workers feel insecure with the work of which 1.1 million are associated with the gig economy.

    The Shadow Secretary of State stated that the UK labour market is faced with low wages, endemic financial insecurity, and stagnating productivity. There is a need to make the workers feel secure and valued as being the key part of the industrial strategy. In this respect the proposals made in the Good Work Plan is commendable. They reflect the positive outcome of the campaign by Labour Members and trade unions for improving the working conditions for labourers.

    However, some firms such as the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) have said that The Government has not fully acted upon the recommendations of Taylor Review and feedback from consultations. They criticise that the recommendations made in the Good Work Plan are not enough, and that there is a need to align the employment and tax frameworks to prevent exploitation of low paid workers.
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