• Top Tips for Better Customer Care in Construction May 29, 2019
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    The construction and home improvements sector is at a bit of a crossroads.

    Rising house prices mean that homeowners need to find a way of creating additional space without moving home, creating an ideal opportunity for builders to grow their business. But under-qualified and opportunistic scam artists have left millions out of pocket and created real anxiety among homeowners about getting scammed.

    On top of this, the digital age means that competition is higher than ever for construction jobs. Potential clients are more likely to seek out a company for their loft conversion or home extensions on the internet than they are to find one through word of mouth.

    For legitimate construction businesses, trying to stand out can feel like an uphill battle. But the answer is actually a lot simpler than it seems: customer care.

    Providing and evidencing the highest possible levels of customer service throughout your building work can be the magic bullet that sets you apart from your competitors. Check out our top tips for demonstrating top-quality customer care in home improvements.

    I. Prove your expertise
    Did you know that one-third of UK homeowners avoid having home improvements done because they’re worried about accidentally hiring a cowboy builder? This represents £10 billion worth of construction work that legitimate companies are losing out on. Convincing these nervous homeowners to take the plunge is half the battle.

    Ask yourself this: what does your legitimate company have that cowboy builders don’t? You know what you’re doing.

    Your experience and technical know-how lets potential clients know that they’re hiring a professional, so make sure you’re demonstrating this from the get-go. Make sure you have a portfolio on your website, that you’re offering clients proper technical advice and can provide certification when asked!

    II. Single point of contact
    No homeowner wants to jump through hoops to communicate with the home improvements company they’ve hired. In fact, it’s one of the first things they’re told to look out for when trying to spot a scammer.

    Building a relationship of trust with your clients is of utmost importance in alleviating their worries and providing the best possible customer care. You can’t do this if you’re not involved at every stage.

    Where possible, ensure that your client is dealing with a single director or project manager for the duration of the home improvement works. This also helps communication between your workers—you’ll always know what’s going and stay in full control the whole time!

    III. Offer guarantees
    No matter how much your client wants to trust you, you can’t expect them to hire you on blind faith alone—in fact, they’d be foolish to do this at all! The more assurance you can give them that you won’t disappear after the work is complete, the better.

    Whether this means writing it into the contract that you’ll fix any snags that show up within a defined period after sign-off, or offer a more comprehensive long-term warranty, guarantees provide a safety net for the client that could be the difference between you securing the work or not.

    Becoming a member of the Federation of Master Builders, the UK’s largest trade organisation for the construction and home improvements sector, allows construction companies to offer extended warranties of up to ten years

    Growing your construction business is no accident: it’s the result of hard work and building a relationship with your potential clients. Customer care really is more important than ever.

    BIO: Refresh Interiors is a family-run home improvements company operating throughout Essex, Hertfordshire and North London.
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