• Top Features that must be Included for Making Betting App a Hit Feb 2, 2018
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    In the recent times, an increasing number of people have become fond of placing bets on sports. Not only does it excites them, but also keeps them engrossed in the game. And of course, the fact of gaining financial rewards cannot be overemphasized.

    Another significant reason for the unprecedented popularity of sports betting mobile app is the rapid progress in technology. Thanks to our latest smartphones- betting has become easier than ever. With countless betting apps available on our smartphones, the need to visit local shops for placing bets has been absolutely eradicated. However, one issue faced by users today is identifying a good and reliable betting app. In this article, we will talk about some significant features that a competent betting app must have in order to ensure a pleasant customer experience. Also, if you as a developer are looking to create a fully-functional and feature-rich betting app, do not forget to incorporate the following features into sports betting app.

    • Account Details
    Once a user downloads a betting app, he is requested with an option of creating his account. Here, he fills in all his personal details along with all the payment particulars. Now, at some point, he might want to change these details, for example, the email address, or perhaps he changed his phone number and wants these changes to reflect in the account details. Regrettably, most of the betting apps available today do not provide the option of changing the account details. Make sure your app gives a complete access to the account information. The user does not have to switch on the computer and log into his account for making any changes to the account profile.

    • Live to stream of sports news
    This is an important attribute of a betting mobile app. The app must allow the users to stream the most popularized sports news channels. It helps in keeping the users updated about the game scores on which they are keen to bet on. Moreover, they can grab an idea about the performance of the players, so that they can place the bet in the right direction.

    • Betting Odds
    Odds play the most significant part when it comes to betting. Your profit or loss in betting depends upon them. So, make sure that your app provides all the relevant information and offers the best odds. Additionally, it should provide with match statistics that can help in understanding the current match conditions and making a wise decision.


    • Live Betting
    Your app should certainly include the feature of live betting. Live betting allows the user to access the match proceedings and place a wager even after the match has begun. The best advantage of live betting is that it helps you in getting the best odds. It greatly amplifies the opportunity of winning big. Therefore, make sure that the app you develop gives a chance to bet in real time.

    • Security
    Security should be your foremost priority. You need to provide an assurance that the user’s personal data, as well as their money, is completely safe and protected from hackers. Consequently, develop apps that regularly ask for password protection and encryption.

    Amazon or the Google cloud servers can be used for implementing the high-security standards and for storing the data with a sophisticated approach. It will not only augment the app operability but will make the entire betting ecosystem quite reliable.

    • Pop-ups
    Pop-up notifications that inform the users regarding significant events is a great feature that must be integrated into all betting apps. For instance, sometimes, breaking news about a game player the user was planning to bet on can significantly grab their attention. It is best to use APNS (Apple push notification services) for delivering the notifications to the users in a reliable way.

    • Display betting trends
    The app must display the display the betting trends that are most popular and dominating in the particular sport. This way it gets easy for the users to place the bet on the games and also keeps them aware of the bid details and links them with the other important details as well.

    • Payment models
    Gone are those days, where people used to pay with the cash. A betting mobile app must be integrated with the distinctive payment models such as Credit/Debit card, NetBanking etc so as to allow the users to transfer the payments in a transparent way.

    • Live Matches
    This is a must-have feature that allows the user to watch the match and bet on it in real time. He can closely witness the progress of the match and make a more informed decision.

    • Betting Tips
    This is an important section that helps the users retrieve relevant information regarding betting prices, payment systems, sports included, etc.

    • Community
    The app should provide an option to share comments, match reviews, etc. with other players. This keeps the users engaged and allows them to learn from the blunders made by other punters.

    Final Thoughts

    Considering the rising popularity of betting, developing a competent betting mobile app that corresponds to the needs of bettors is indubitably a great idea. Keep the afore-mentioned features in mind to create an app that appeals to the users and keeps them engrossed.
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