• Top 5 Repricing Solutions May 14, 2019
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    The world of ecommerce is vast to say the least with huge financial rewards for those top sellers in their niche. The targeted marketing that has to be done along with the monitoring of the overall business market is imperative to stay on top. Pricing items correctly has a lot to do with success as pricing the item too high can lead to buyers going elsewhere, while pricing too low might have a buyer think that the product is a knockoff or damaged in some way. Manually monitoring all competitors can lead to gambling on what the next expected price will be, which is not a good business practice long term. Repricing solutions can save a company time and earn the company more money going forward. Below are the top 5 repricing solutions available on the market now!

    Seller Republic
    Seller Republic offers an affordable repricing solution which continually reprices items in order to maximize profits on Amazon. Seller Republic also has eBay repricing options. Both on average boost profits by around 15 percent, which no online store would want to miss out on. The repricing will be dependent on competitor pricing which will help you get the edge without impacting profit margins in a huge way. Being able to set maximum and minimum prices makes sure that you have a certain percentage profit margin at the least The quick setup of both Seller Republic tools makes this one of the best on the market regardless of price which makes its affordability an added positive feature. It runs fully on all browsers including Android and iPhone.

    App eagle
    There is a 14 day trial available but it does not offer the affordability of Seller Republic. The advanced version can cost anywhere from $100 to $150 per month which makes it necessary to sell a certain amount more to make this worth the investment. Those that have made the investment think that this solution helps them compete better in their niche. This does offer an Android App to help make management more convenient.

    Feed Visor
    This uses an algorithm to help set prices to optimize revenue on a monthly basis. This has a few different versions available depending on the size of your business. This helps take the data that is gathered and make a decision dependent on the results. Ecommerce is full of patterns and pricing fluctuations that many people might not recognize but this algorithm does!

    This solution has a 14 day trial before plans range from $990 to $1200 but it does offer incredible customer support. This helps optimize your Amazon catalogue based on your goals as well as sales data. This is for the online store that has quite a few products offered as the order listed can make a huge difference.

    There are 3 different plans that can cost anywhere from $69 to $379 per month which is around a $4,000 investment over the course of the year. Their most expensive plan might not be for the casual drop shipper that just wants to earn some passive income. This does help immediately though as it is an automated Amazon repricer that helps products stay competitive at all times. This helps maximize the number of sales with no effort on the seller’s part.

    These are the best repricing solutions that are available on the market today. If looking for value as well as great security then Seller Republic will be the best option. Each solution has its own features that make it unique and perfect for sellers wanting to maximize their sales.
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