• To do SEO or not to do SEO that is the question. Nov 14, 2018
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    I said about 4 or 5 years ago I would never do SEO for anyone else ever again.

    I help quite a few people out and have a dozen or so people who if I was doing SEO would probably have as clients, but I've always made it clear to them that I don't mind helping them out a bit, pointing them in the right direction, tweeking things a little, etc. but no more than that.

    Just recently though I have been approached far more regularly by business who want me to do proper SEO for them, but have always declined.

    The main reason for this is expectations, knowing I wouldn't be happy with mediocre results and knowing that if I charged properly for the hours I would put in to it the business owner could still lose out even with the good rankings.

    This was really emphasized to me recently when a guy who I help out wanted to do more but I just didn't have the time.

    I recommended a couple of SEO companies to him and they quoted £800 a month once he was top 10 for his main keyword.

    He was seriously thinking about it when I thought this is crazy, I had been giving him a bit of help over the past 18 months, he was ranked about 15 and some SEO company was going to come in and take £800 a month of him basically from the solid foundations I had laid down.

    I told him the price was crazy and said I would give him a few more hours and that he had to give me more of a free reign though.

    A few weeks later he was top 10 and has been there for the past 6 - 8 months (now top 5)

    Had I beem more ruthless I could easily of said, they quoted £800 I'll do it for £700 and been £4k up.

    The thing is though, I know that even being top 5 wouldn't earn him that £4k and the only people who would have profited would have been the SEO company.

    So here's the dilemna, do I stop being so conscientous, stop turning work away and start acting like most SEO companies?

    Do I start taking on work, start quoting fees for rankings despite thinking it will cost them more to rank than they will make in profit?

    Do I pass the enquiries on to the highest payer?

    Or do I keep being honest and upfront and turn the work away?

    Do I assess the requests and then decide to do SEO for the businesses who I think will benefit?
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