• Tips for Online Learning: How to Excel as an Online Student Sep 24, 2021
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    Although online learning tends to be more flexible than physical classes, it requires lots of effort to stay focused and organized. As a result of this, many students of online classes struggle with a wide range of difficulties as they try to get the most of their classes. Fortunately, there are a few tips that an online student can follow to excel in e-learning.


    · Establish goals

    Just like offline classes, online classes can be quite overwhelming. But you can make the job easier for yourself by establishing goals of what you want to achieve at the end of the class. By setting goals, you will stay motivated through e-learning. Ensure your goals are measurable, achievable, and time-bound.

    · Create a dedicated study space

    Many online students learn from their beds or couches. While this is not entirely bad, you can easily fall asleep or get distracted in such a place. Therefore, before you start your online learning, it is crucial to have a specific study space. This could be a small area within your room. If you have an extra room to spare, you can turn it into a study room.

    To make your study space comfortable, you need to make it look like a mini-classroom. This means that it must have an ergonomic chair and table/desk, good lighting, and other supplies. Also, it should be located in a place with little or no distraction.

    A good study space doesn’t only help you to stay motivated, but it also increases your productivity.

    · Communicate with your tutors

    Your relationship with your tutor will have a significant effect on how you can excel as an online student. So, you should strive to keep in touch with your tutors. Ask relevant questions, request resourceful materials, and get help when necessary. You must always remember that your online tutors are there to help you; therefore, don’t shy away from communicating with them.

    · Avoid distractions

    Unlike physical classes, online classes are highly susceptible to distractions. From watching TV to using social media, and dealing with kids, friends, pets, etc., numerous things can distract you when learning online. But the good news is that you can avoid many of these distractions so that you concentrate on your online classes.

    Foremost, you need to turn off your TV and do away with social media that may want to take your attention. Similarly, stay away from your pets, children, family, friends, etc. through the classes.

    · Take notes

    As your online instructors continue teaching, you should ensure that you take notes. Notetaking works in the traditional physical classroom settings; hence, you should add it to your online learning too. Don’t assume that everything you need will be available in the study materials.

    By taking notes, it will be easier for you to remember some of the crucial information mentioned by your teacher. In addition, notetaking ensures that you remain engaged throughout the classes.

    · Stay in touch with your classmates

    Taking part in an online class means that you don’t share the same physical location with your classmates. Consequently, it may not be necessary for you to communicate with them. Unfortunately, the lack of communication is one of the banes of online learning because it leads to an unsociable learning environment.

    Luckily, technologies have made remote communications easier than ever before. Using Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, and other communication tools, you can stay in touch with your classmates regardless of where they are. You can also create an online study group with your classmates. By doing this, your online classes will be more engaging. Also, you will encourage more individuals to share resources.

    · Take breaks

    If you are taking part in an online class where you determine when and where you want to learn, you may want to continue learning for as long as possible. However, this is counterproductive because learning for an extended period can make your mind wander away. Even if you continue to stare at your computer, you will probably gain nothing during the period.

    So, rather than wasting your time, you should learn to take breaks. A simple 5- or 10-minute break between your online learning schedules can help you to feel rejuvenated to continue learning. The breaks can be utilized for using the bathroom, making a cup of tea, eating a snack, or just relaxing.

    In a nutshell, you should not hesitate to follow the tested and trusted online learning tips above if you are ready to excel as an online student.
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