• Tips and Tricks for Developing Enterprise App for Your Employees Mar 6, 2018
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    The enterprise apps are difficult to handle but are noteworthy for the employers to extract better productivity from the employees. The Enterprise mobile apps are the in-house applications bought by an individual organization or enterprise for the betterment of the organization. This app is used to influence the workers and for carrying out versatile functions in a company.

    Today, the Enterprise mobile apps are changing the face of the business. These apps are not only optimizing the business profitability but also increasing the workers’ efficiency. As per recent studies carried out by research agencies, almost 70% of the leading enterprises are using mobile apps to cultivate revenue and bring in efficiency from the employees.

    Despite the usability, still, some of the enterprises prefer using consumer apps instead of enterprise apps. The fact is that the enterprise apps are clumsy, and difficult to handle by the employees. The wastage of time that goes into navigating, simplifying, and analyzing the app is a subsequent loss for the firm.

    Regardless of the benefits derived from individual organization through mobile apps, it becomes a difficult proposition to grab the employees’ attention towards the app. In order to create a user-friendly app and to grab the attention of the employees, organizations should take the following steps-

    • Involve the people/employees
    To create a useful enterprise app, it is always important to know the motive behind the app. People or employees who are the potential users must be involved in the making of the apps. Whether the app is being developed in-house or by a mobile app developer, it is important that the people/employees are involved in every step of the development. This way, the users can develop a comfort zone with the app and thus can readily accept the app, when required.

    • Use the experience
    The employees like to use apps that improve their efficiency and productivity of daily work. If the app lacks the user experience, it is a subsequent loss for the enterprise. Unless the user experience is flawless, the employees will not like to use it for their daily work. Thus, it is necessary that the enterprise app is created by keeping the user experience in mind. The apps must be user-friendly and simple to use despite their vital features.

    • Encouraging to use the apps
    Adoption of new technology is the most difficult part for any enterprise mobile app. unless the users are interested; the app will not do any good. Although the company may make the use of app mandatory, it cannot raise the interest of the employees. The organization has to influence the employees by encouraging them to use the apps. They had to motivate the users, make them understand the benefits of the app, and most of all involve them in the development process.

    The organization has to integrate modern features that are user-friendly and easily adaptable for the employees. When the employees require putting additional efforts to use the app, they easily get demotivated. Thus, it is wise for the organization to create something user-friendly and simple.

    • Develop the App security features
    First, the enterprise app must be created on a platform that works uninterrupted on Android and iOS devices. Secondly, it is important to develop a secured scenario with a full proof security features.

    While developing an app, the app developers must use the Enterprise Mobile Management to manage the operating systems of the mobile apps. The developer should put efforts on creating a safe app that initiates safe login, identification of the risk factor and tests the security over frequent intervals. After all, who does not want to use a secured app?

    • The scope of innovation and improvement
    While creating an enterprise app, an organization uses huge workforce, finance, technologies, and support as well. In case the app backfires or lacks the main idea, improving and innovating the same can lead to a huge loss and at the same time will affect the interest and the work environment of the organization.

    Thus, the app must be developed with such coding, that in case there is a minimal requirement for improvement, it can be innovated frequently without using many resources. Candidly, the app must have the scope for updating facility as well that leaves no scope of backfiring of the app.

    • Incorporate feedback
    Feedback section in the apps is an important phase for the app developers. While creating an app especially for the organization, it is essential to intricate a feedback section, where the users can update the lags and opinions for betterment. Any sort of queries can also be handled within this section.

    An enterprise app is the new facet of the business. Now, it is a part of future technology, which is already gaining acclamation from the leading organizations. The employees are finding the apps useful and are more than happy to implicate them in their working environment. After all, companies do want to increase their productivity and the revenue of their businesses.
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