• This guy is dynamite! Nov 7, 2007
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    Hey folks,

    I'm pretty damn psyched right now!

    I recently bought a set of marketing DVDs (26 of them!).

    I bought them for the headline act, but the co-presenter is absolute dynamite.

    He did a presentation that was by far the best I'd ever heard on a particular form of marketing/selling. He's taken it to a level that's beyond what anyone else is doing in this area.

    (he used this approach to get 50 of the fortune 500 as clients)

    I've written pages and pages of notes already (still 18 discs to go) and, once I've finished the DVDs, I'm going to sit down for a whole weekend and codify the whole process.

    Then I'll be sharing it with my clients.

    And it'll be a very happy time for all!

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