• The Problem With Running a Business Directory Sep 2, 2017
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    The Problem With Running a Business Directory

    I updated the search facility on one of my business directory sites this morning - https://www.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk/

    Although it is still a 2 step process - Select Category Then Select Location - it still works a lot better than the old system.

    The problem with small business directories like this though is that after selecting the business category, if there are not many businesses listed in it, the location search can be almost non existent :(

    As a business owner I would think it was great if someone searched for what I did, selected my location, and mine was the only business listed.

    As a general searcher though I want to search for a category, narrow the search down by location and find at least 20 businesses providing the service I am looking for.

    That's the problem business directories have, balancing what is best for the business owner with what is best for the person using the directory.

    Other Problems in Running a Business Directory

    Another problem business directories have is that if they make it too simple for the end user to find what they are looking for, they fly through the site and leave straight away having found what they need.

    That may be good for the end user, may be good for the business listed but gives little benefit to the business directory owner.

    Where as if it is too hard for the end user to find what they are looking for they leave and never come back.

    If the directory gets the balance right where the end user doesn't find what he wants straight away, but is prepared to search more the end user sees more of the directories features, sees ads, still finds what he wants and as the experience isn't too bad he uses the directory again.

    The Major Problem with Running a Business Directory

    The biggest problem with running a directory though is very few people use them anymore to find a business they just use Google.

    What the small business owner needs to realise is everyone is trying to rank high in Google and it's just going to get more and more competitive.

    You may think directories are a waste of time if everyone's using Google but does that mean if you don't rank high in Google you don't advertise anywhere else?

    Why not, for the sake of 5 minutes adding a listing, advertise in a directory too?

    Depending on the service you provide, just 1 enquiry from it in a year will more than make that 5 minutes worthwhile.

    Also, if you are a web based business the citations and links provided by the directory may even boost your own online presence.

    One thing to be aware of though don't get pressurised in to upgrading if you don't want to and be prepared for numerous marketing cold calls once you start advertising Online.
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