• The Marketing Formula for Garages Apr 21, 2017
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    Are you a decision maker in, or an owner of a Garage where your predominant business comes from selling cars? Are you looking to increase the number of sales you make each month? Would you like a proven, measurable and cost effective strategy, which you can put in place almost instantly? If so, please read on to learn a specific leaflet distribution formula we have used for many of our Garage clients, which is proven to give strong response rates.

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    We work with many garages ranging from independent garages through to national companies such as Perrys, Burrows and Colin Appleyard. We actively work with each client to ensure they get the most out of their campaign. We have distributed far in excess of 50 different designs and have learned which ones work, and which don’t; and this is what I will share with you now.

    Leaflet Distribution Doesn’t Work, Does it?

    Leaflet distribution doesn’t work if the flyer is overloaded with information, printed on a poor paper, and sent to the wrong target audience; in the same way a test drive won’t convert to a sale if the salesman has no clue about the cars features, or takes you on a dull route. However, if the flyer is actionable, has an incentive on there and is something that someone regularly receives, then yes it will work.

    The Design Formula:

    1. Bold headline. This must be something the receiver can respond to – a question. The use of alliteration helps to make it memorable. Follow this with a sub headline positioning you as the solution. Headline E.g:
    ✓ Are You Considering a Great New Car for Spring?
    ✗ We sell cars in Sheffield

    2. Eye catching image. It needs to emote good feelings, a sense of the good it will bring, and how good the receiver will look in their new car. E.g.
    ✓ Attractive, smiling family driving along a country road with blue skies.
    ✗ A picture of your showroom.

    3. Call to action. This is essential, if you don’t give people a reason to respond, they won’t respond! It needs to be genuine, have a prompt expiry, and be appealing to your target audience. E.g. for a BMW garage:
    ✓ Test Drive at BMW…and receive a £10 M&S Voucher*.
    ✗ Buy a BMW and receive £10 Poundland voucher*

    Quick Pointers for Print

    The paper stock you print on represents your business and the purpose of your flyer. For instance, if you are promoting big discounts on relatively low value cars then a thin paper stock such as 130gsm is ideal. However, if you’re encouraging people to come and test drive a premium range of cars then a heavier 250-350gsm is more appropriate.

    The Distribution Formula:

    1. Target audience. Be focused and target specifically. For instance, if you sell BMW’s, target the more affluent areas within a set radius of your showroom. If you are offering easy finance on second hand cars then targeting the lower and middle class areas will be best.

    2. Drip effect marketing. This is the old age marketing principle of gradually feeding the same audience with your message(s). Just like any marketing, people don’t tend to respond to something on first view. Therefore, we recommend targeting the same audience at least 3 times over within a 4-8 week period, which builds a great brand foundation with them, and results in a consistently strong response.

    Final Nuggets to Consider

    Focus on the purpose of your campaign from the beginning. Who you want, what will they respond to, the quantity, frequency, your budget, etc. Don’t try sell everything at once – it will simply be overwhelming and confusing. Keep your message clear and concise and a positive response should be a sure thing!

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    Andrew Robinson
    Managing Director of Mr Flyer Ltd
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