• The End of an Era for wheelchair-ramps.co.uk Oct 8, 2016
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    It was over 15 years ago that I 1st registered wheelchair-ramps.co.uk which was the catalyst for me forming my company.

    The direction of the business has changed a lot since then, but as this was the baby that started everything, I've always kept the ramp sales ticking along almost as a sideline.

    Unfortunately, with competition getting a lot tougher over recent years and with manufacturers selling direct, I now find it impossible to even get close to what others are selling ramps for.

    Fortunately, there are virtually zero running costs involved which means I could just carry on knowing I'll only sell the occasional ramp, but with the website getting more and more neglected and Google rankings slowly getting worse, I have to decide if it's even worth spending any time trying to improve things.

    If not, the alternatives are just leave the site as it is, or completely change direction and look for another way of using it, and the 500+ visitors it generates a day.

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