• The best way to get your employees' attention? Through their phones! Oct 7, 2021
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    In a 2021 survey by Statista on smartphone usage, it was found that 87% of adults in the UK owned a smartphone. 100% of those surveyed, who belong to Generation Z (anyone currently aged 9-24) used a smartphone. 46% of all respondents also said that they used smartphones more now than they did before the pandemic and unsurprisingly, smartphone usage is expected to continue to increase in the coming years.

    The survey also found that people in the UK check their phones, on average, every 12 minutes. This statistic substantiates why some employers have a ban on the use of mobile phones in the workplace. If employees are working in a customer facing role or work in a public place, it can look unprofessional if they are constantly on their phone. More importantly, phone usage at work can actually become a health and safety issue, for example for an employee working in a factory which uses dangerous machinery. In other roles, mobiles in the workplace are simply a distraction which may reduce productivity.

    While employee phone usage can become a nuisance for employers, it may be difficult for some to ban mobile phones altogether, especially in some office settings or with employees working remotely. People’s phones are their connection to the outside world and for many, the devices have become almost like an extension of themselves. For some businesses, instead of having an outright ban, it might be a better option to have a less strict mobile policy while also finding ways to use employees' reliance on their smartphones to your advantage.

    How can you use employees' smartphones to catch their attention?

    BrightPay Connect is an optional cloud add-on to BrightPay payroll software which has its own employee smartphone app. When employers use BrightPay Connect, they can invite employees to download the BrightPay app from The App Store or from the Google Play Store. From the app, employees have access to a number of useful HR functions which can help make employers, managers and HR professionals’ jobs a lot easier. Listed below are the functions which can be performed using the employee app.


    Share a Mobile Phone Policy and other documents with employees
    One way of ensuring employees are aware of the rules surrounding the use of mobile phones in the workplace is to share a Mobile Phone Policy document with them. And although it may sound counterintuitive, one of the best ways to make sure they read this document is by sharing it with them through an app on their phone.

    Through BrightPay Connect, employers can log in to their employer dashboard and upload any documents they wish to share with employees. Once uploaded, the employer can then choose which employees they would like to share the document with or they can share the document with all employees. Once the document becomes available to the employee, they will receive a push notification on their mobile. Push notifications are a great way of capturing your employees’ attention and it gives them quick and easy access to the document. The document will then be available for the employee to access anytime, anywhere. This means that even if you have a policy where employees are supposed to have their mobiles turned off during work hours, the documents can still be easily accessed on their lunch break or outside of work hours.

    The employer also has the power to monitor which employees have opened the document and which have not. If you need to update a policy that can be easily done and once the new updated document is available, the employee will once again be notified by push notification. Examples of other documents you could share with employees this way are contracts of employment, a staff handbook or a working from home policy. Sharing documents with employees this way means you are also saving trees and helping to reduce pollution. Read our blog about the many ways the employee app can help your business go paperless.

    Share payslips with employees instantly
    Another great way to harness the power of the employee app is to use it to share employees’ payslips with them. Once the payroll is finalised, payslips are automatically generated and added to the employee’s app. A push notification will notify employees that their latest payslip has become available. From the app, employees will also have access to all past payslips meaning they won’t have to come to you to request copies, should they need them.

    Allow employees to request annual leave
    Through the payroll app, employees can request annual leave wherever or whenever suits them. Once a request for leave has been made, the employer or relevant manager will receive a notification on their own BrightPay Connect dashboard. From the dashboard, employers can either approve or deny the leave request. Once a decision has been made, the employee will receive a push notification to inform them that their leave request has either been approved or denied. Employees can also request to cancel leave if they wish to do so. The app’s calendar allows employees to track their leave and how much leave they have taken and how much they have remaining. Being able to access this function through their mobile allows employees to manage their annual leave at a time which suits them.

    Allow employees to update their information
    The employee app also offers employees the ability to update their personal information which the employer has on file for them. Updating details like a new address or a new mobile number is something employees could easily forget to do. Or maybe going to HR to request a form which they must then fill out and return seems like too much hassle. Being able to add their personal information using the mobile app is more convenient for employees and means they will be more likely to keep it updated.

    While mobiles can be a nuisance in the workplace, they’re not all bad. Employers can learn to embrace them and use their ubiquity to their advantage. To discover more about BrightPay Connect and the benefits of the employee app, why not book a few online demo today.

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