• The 7 points to consider in landing page design Oct 10, 2019
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    There are any number of things to consider when designing a landing page. This is email marketing, so there will be lots of options, but here is my top seven. You might disagree, but it might get you thinking.

    1/ One size does not fit all

    You will be working with segmented email marketing lists. Each group will differ in some way. Work out the salient differences and focus the design of their email with them in mind. If you can’t work out what makes each group distinct, then you need to work on your segmenting skills. Picture them, with their phone in their hand, reading the email. Ask yourself what they are looking for. What is going to make their, and your, day?

    2/ Impactive

    Hit them with a dramatic headline. Grab their attention from the off. Work out what is the prime message and feature it prominently. If you’re proud of your product, then show it. Repeat it a couple of times. Go for their emotions from the start, as th at is what will sell. Convince them that this is just the thing they need for their company or holiday.

    3/ Out with clutter

    I like minimalist. There are no distractions and the response to the email is controlled. I’m all for reducing copy. However, if you prefer to look a bit different, then go ahead, but remember that the opposite of minimalist is not disorganised. If you add images and colour, have a reason for doing so. If you leave them out, also have a reason for doing so.

    4/ Direct

    Tell your subscribers what to do. While email marketing can be subtle, you haven’t got long. Have arrows. Highlight the click throughs. Tell them the advantages of your offer. You want them to be as enthusiastic about it as you are.

    5/ Convert

    While we’re on targeting, always remember that the purpose of any marketing email is to convert. If you fail in that aspect, then you’ve failed entirely. Every image must be aimed at conversions. The same goes for every word of copy. If it is doing nothing, get rid of it. If it just filling space, then it is an obstruction to the functions of the landing page, which is to convert.

    6/ Reassure

    All subscribers require reassurance and this will vary from one specific email marketing list to another. A new subscriber, particularly if it is their first campaign, might require a high level of reassurance. You might consider including a précis of a testimonial or two, or a couple of reviews, all hotlinked to the full originals. Have a prominent logo and your corporate message. If it is to a regular customer, who has bought from you before, then be familiar. In both cases, replicate the design of the marketing email in some way.

    7/ Vary your emails

    Test and test again is the email marketing mantra. Give everything a go. If you think a video might help conversions, then try one. You’ve got little to lose and everything to gain.

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