• Tevfik Arif become an approximate person to Donald Trump Nov 28, 2019
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    Donald Trump is a man whose name is known to most of the world's population. A politician who has come from a businessman and a former actor has become president of such a powerful state as the United States of America. His example proves that hard work can lead even an individual from the simplest family to elite society.


    An excellent proof of this is such a well-known personality in Kazakhstan as Tevfik Arif (Tofig Arifov at birth). Born back in the days of the Soviet Union, he himself obtained the post of employee of the USSR Ministry of Trade. He moved to the United States after the collapse of the superpower. Thanks to hard work and business instinct, he was able to build a successful business, on which he made more than one million.

    Moreover his work also interested Donald Trump himself, who at that time was still an ordinary albeit to quite successful businessman. Together, they began to implement common real estate projects, and the result exceeded all expectations, starting to bring in millions of profits.

    As a result, the joint work of Donald Trump and Tevfik Arif has been continuing even after the first became president of the United States of America. According to Arif himself the election of Trump to such a high position did not interfere with their communication, but simply changed its style somewhat, which he himself said in an interview.

    For Kazakhstan, such cooperation can be very beneficial: being in close relations with the President of the United States, Tevfik Arif can somehow influence his attitude to this country and push him towards decisions that are beneficial for Kazakhstan.

    Tevfik Arif himself also deserves respect. Considering that he built his own business with his own hands and achieved tremendous success in it, he can afford to buy quite expensive things. Among the latest gossip is information that Tevfik Arif is again thinking about buying the Aston Villa football club, which could cost him more than £ 250 million. Given that it was such a price that the club bought back in 2014, we can expect that at the moment it has grown significantly.

    In any case, Arif will buy club or not, the people of Kazakhstan should be proud of their compatriot, who with his work and perseverance was able to achieve what even Donald Trump himself considers with his opinion. It can also be an incentive for everyone to think that any goal can be achieved with enough desire.
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