• Survey says: 1 in 5 employees have quit a job due to poor payroll experience Dec 13, 2019
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    This week the payroll community were left shocked with the release of a truly eye-opening report. The fascinating research, commissioned by Zellis and conducted by an independent research firm, found that 1 in 5 Brits (21%) have changed jobs after being paid late or inaccurately by their employer. Just to put that into perspective that’s about 7 million people!

    The research also identified that 60% of employers found mistakes on their payslips and 31% said they had been paid late. This unsurprisingly left them feeling:

    • The employer didn’t care about their well-being (48%)

    • High levels of stress and worry (47%)

    • Less engaged and productive at work (25%)

    • At risk of their financial situation (40%)

    No, the survey was not conducted on over-dramatic teenagers. These are real-life concerns for us little people. It’s all well and good for the fat cats in the boardroom to miss out on a week’s pay; I mean, they’d probably gamble my year’s salary on a game of Snap and not bat an eyelid. But for us regular folk, no money means more problems.

    The study highlighted the real life impact of late and inaccurate payments on financial, and therefore mental, wellbeing. 37% had missed payments on direct debits, 31% said they had gone into their overdraft, 26% had incurred bank charges and 24% had damage to their credit rating. Enough to ruin any payday!

    If this doesn't highlight the need for automation, then I don't know what will. Humans got the job and didn't pass the probation period, the robots have it. This research proves that payroll departments are unable to pay staff accurately and on time. Not only does it affect the employees, but if all your talent are leaving because you've ticked them off due to silly errors then it’s your business that is affected too.

    But the argument about who is responsible for payroll accuracy rages on. It’s true that employees do play a significant role in providing their payroll departments with timely and accurate information to enable them to perform their core objectives. But payroll processing is becoming more and more complex and the changes and challenges that come with them are on the onus of payroll to deal with appropriately.

    The chance of breaching payroll legislation and thus the possibility of incurring fines and reputational damage means it is crucial that payroll departments stay up-to-date, because even though you might think your payroll department are doing a great job, the results of the survey say otherwise and attention needs to be paid to this valuable insight to ensure that employees receive their pay both accurately and on time.

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    But most importantly BrightPay are at the forefront of payroll automation. No matter what changes come your way they will have already anticipated them, leaving you to get on with keeping your staff even happier by giving them every Friday off to pet puppies. You’re welcome.

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    Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software
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