• Strategies Adopted by Marketing Professionals To Increase Sales Sep 4, 2018
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    Small businesses begin in the country every day. New business owners open with a sense of optimism and a sense of how they want their business to grow. However, many small businesses also fail, often due to poor planning. Businesses who want to begin and grow a customer base need a strategic marketing plan. If you want your business to be successful, making and following a plan can help you map out your journey towards business growth.

    Clarify Your Mission

    In order to map out the path your business should take, you first need to clearly figure out what your mission is with regard to business. First, you need to create your mission statement, which outlines the business plan for your business in one or two sentences. You want to use action verbs and explain what makes your business stand out from other businesses in the area, and why you should be the business that clients choose. Be sure that the language of your mission statement encompasses why you wanted to start your business.

    If the mission statement is the mini-business plan, the vision statement is where you want to take your company in the future. Once you have a mission and vision statements, you next need to select the goals for your company.

    Selecting the Right Goals

    Once you have established your mission and vision statements, you will then need to work on the goals of your company. The keywords that you used in the mission and vision statements should be the key phrases in your goals, which will then lead to specific business objectives that will allow your business achievements to be measured. Some companies use flowcharts to help them visualize the flow of the framework of the business; from mission and vision statements to the goals of your business and then your objectives.

    Design a Stable Framework

    Designing a framework for marketing your product or service for your new company is easier said than done. Before anything can be sold, it is important that a framework for selling should be established. Think about the outline of a sales approach you are hoping to establish with your sales force. What are the keys to selling to clients, in your opinion? Write your processes down for selling, and then look for feedback from mentors and your employees so that your framework can be fine-tuned into a consistent selling process. While you want to allow for differences in selling technique, a consistent framework for selling allows your salespeople to creative growth within your company, allows for goal-setting for each salesperson, enables you to evaluate the performance of each salesperson, and gives you a chance to encourage strengths and coach weaknesses in your employees.

    Use of Technology

    While you may be loath to even consider technology tools because they can be somewhat expensive, it this stage of business development, you can’t afford to use it. There are many technology tools that exist that will make your job much easier, such as CRM software recommended by Google, that will allow you to enhance your relationships with existing customers as well as potential customers, improve your interactions with customers, and allows you to track trends in customer purchase data as well as trends in the market. There are a variety of uses for CRM software, but all of them can help a business grow.

    In addition to CRM software, there are many other technology tools you can use as a small business to help you work more easily and efficiently. For example, there are applications that will allow you to onboard and train your employees without you having to deliver the same speech 5000 times (if you’re lucky). Apps also allow your employees to input their time, upload their banking and tax information, and receive their paychecks electronically, while you receive your tax information and payments -- all one application.

    Define your KPI

    Businesses that are successful have developed key performance indicators (KPI) that are essential towards the growth of your business. You need to sit down with your team and decide 5 or 6 performance indicators that will allow you to determine whether your business is on the right path, or whether you will need to reevaluate your objectives and sales techniques.

    Follow-up and Measure Performance

    Once you have figured out your key performance indicators, you need to follow up with your KPIs, and measure performance of your employees through the performance indicators. You need to reward those employees who have met their performance indicators, and coach those employees who did not meet their indicators, in order to increase the overall performance of your business.

    Increase your Sales and Revenue and Tracking Your Progress

    One of the best ways to increase your sales and track your progress is through CRM software and tools. CRM acts as more than a customer service tool, it also acts as a data tool. This allows you to generate leads for new customers, to track trends in the market so that you are always on top of customer needs and desires, and to measure how your new tactics are having an impact on customer sales of your products or service. CRM software integration with your current business practices allows for data tracking point by point. This data tracking can help you to figure out where you are having success, and where you need to do something else in order to help your business grow and prosper.

    Businesses start out in the United States every day. Some of those businesses will not make it through the first month in business, others may not make it 6 months, and some will make it a year before closing their doors. Many of those businesses had good ideas but did not plan for their business to be successful. Don’t be one of those businesses who had to close their doors. Instead, plan to be successful...which means planning ahead and establishing a framework for your business’ success before you even open the door.
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