• Starting a Pedicab Business Oct 6, 2017
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    There is a great startup idea for all those bike lovers who want to work outside, communicate with people and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you feel like it is about you, why not to start a pedicab company? Starting a pedicab business will provide you with lots of opportunities. It can improve your life; make you healthier, happier, more conscious and more successful.

    Pedicab companies are spread all across the globe. You can find pedicab businesses in the USA, Asia, Australia and Europe. Nevertheless, the business has a lot of open spaces for those who want to become its part. So it does not really matter where you live: starting a pedicab company is always a good idea.

    What is a pedicab company?

    Pedicabs services are quite similar to taxi. Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between them. Pedicabs, in comparison to traditional taxi services, are 100% eco-friendly. Furthermore, as pedicabs are pulled by bicycles, such taxi services usually work only on short distances.

    There are some great websites where you can read about pedicabs services to find out how the business works. One of the best sources for the U.S. is pedicabs.us. Though there is still no website that collects information about pedicabs in the UK, you can simply search by companies. Here are some of them: londonrickshaws.co.uk and www.londonpedicabs.com.

    What required knowledge or skills are necessary?

    It does not matter if you own a pedicab business or you work as a pedicab driver: bike maintenance and repair skills are essential in this kind of business. If you are planning to ride pedicabs yourself, you will need to be in good physical fitness, to have strong legs, lungs and to be ready to work when the weather is far from brilliant. Also, pedicab business is all about interacting with people. So if you want to start one, having a charismatic and entertaining personality that enjoys meeting new people will provide you with lots of benefits. One more thing that can improve your business is your marketing skills. Marketing knowledge can help you get the word out about your pedicab services.

    How much money is required to start?

    You do not have to be a billionaire to start a pedicab business. Actually, all you need for your startup is to purchase a pedicab itself, to purchase some comfortable clothes and a good bike for your rides and to pay for a license. All the above mentioned will cost you about $2,000 to $10,000.

    A pedicab itself will probably become your most notable investment. Generally, prices on new pedicabs start from $3,000. There are numerous companies where you can find a new or used pedicab for your business. Though used ones are less expensive, it is always better to invest in a new one as there are fewer chances that it will become a constant source of mechanical frustration. To find the best pedicab manufacturer for you, visit pedicabs.us.

    What is the income potential?

    Your income potential will depend on numerous factors, such as time and day of the week, the area you work and the size of your pedicab. Furthermore, it will also depend on your business strategy. As an owner of a pedicab business, you will have to find your own costumes. For example, you can focus on providing pedicab services for tourist, or you can work on weekends to provide your services in areas with a lot of bars and nightclubs.
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