• So, What happened with #AmafestUK in May? - A guest post by Jérôme de Guigné Jun 5, 2019
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    #AmafestUK, 23rd May 2019 @ UKFast​

    #AmafestUK was held at UKFast on 23rd May and it was attended by 200+ Amazon Sellers. It was a fantastic day with lots to learn and we have received quite a lot of positive feedback.

    “Great event, very well organised. Good schedule of speakers with very interesting topics to learn about. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants learn more about Amazon Seller/Vendor. “​

    Amazon Expert, Jérôme de Guigné helps brands grow quicker on Amazon globally. He has put together a key take away from each talk. If you couldn’t make it to the conference or missed out on talk, please find all speaker-slide desk below.

    Speaker 1 – Amazon Product Pricing Strategies – Paulina Masson

    Key Takeaway: smart pricing will have an impact on your sales. Brilliant presentation from Paulina showing how small changes can have big impacts, using customer psychology and logic to increase your sales velocity. An example: A product sold at 21€: A discount of 3€ works better than a discount of 4€, because 21 is a multiple of 3… fascinating!

    Speaker 2 – Amazon Advertising – Danny McMillan

    Key Takeaway: When you have a large catalogue, what is the best bid, the best keyword, the best time. Testing out different options will enable you to decide the best combo for your range. Amazon takes 30 min to get your campaign running, so you always have to wait for 30 minutes before measuring anything.

    Speaker 3 – Direct Amazon Vendor To Hybrid – 1P & 3P David Hindle

    Key Takeaway: Amazon vendor accounts can become awkward to handle: too much cost and terms pressure from Amazon, too much back office. Then becomes a good idea to open a seller account to avoid the hassle and gain some profits back.

    Speaker 5 – Increase ConveAmazonrsions & Sales With Amazon Listing Optimisation Jess Howes

    Key Takeaway: Having the right picture, or the right content will have a huge impact on your sales. On a toy product: having a picture taken where all the parts are highlighted will make you sell much more than competitors, and improve your ranking, thus increasing your sales.

    Speaker 6 – BidX: Fully automate your Amazon advertising – Nadine Schöpper

    Key Takeaway: BidX is one of these very useful tools which help you automate your advertising, you won’t need to check every single day to improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

    Speaker 7- Private Label Brand Protection – Anthony Famularo

    Key Takeaway: If you go on the private label journey, you will need to make sure you have well protected your product and brand name. Copies namely from the far east tend to appear very fast on Amazon, so you want to be well prepared for that.

    Speaker 9 – Social Selling for Amazon Sellers in 2020 – Beth Blake

    Key Takeaway: Understanding how to move from awareness to consideration stages for customers, and how you can monitor and use social media to listen to what customers are saying about your offers and products, and engage them further to drive more sales and get to this consideration ultimate stage.

    Speaker 10 – Proven Strategies to Boost your Amazon sales on non-English markets – Jana Krekic

    Key Takeaway: It is proven that language to customers is more important than price when looking at product pages. Having the right partner to expand internationally is of key importance to make sure the language used to highlight your products is properly used, and localised.

    Speaker 11 – #WeAreTheMedia – Self Publishing on Amazon – John Hayes

    Key Takeaway: Are you planning to write a book? If so do it for the good reasons, it is a lot of work, and shouldn’t be an ego trip. Books are great to position you as a thought leader, it will open you doors. It will probably not get you much income though.

    Our next conference is in October. We will have another line up of practical talks to help you sell better on Amazon. We hope to see you there.

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