• Small Loans Uk .Co.Uk Jul 24, 2013
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    Found yet another half decent financial domain name while using the 123-reg search bar - Small Loans UK, which i think it quite a nice domain, it explains what the site is about, smaller loans, and the country if focuses on. I once had a website that ranked high for terms such as small loans and small loans uk so i know there is a fair bit of traffic for those sorts of terms. I have so far only set up basic site with one page http://www.smallloansuk.co.uk but i hope to start filling it with more pages over the coming days, this site will cover little loans for bad credit. I have been busy working on my first bad credit loans company website and that has been going reasonably well considering i haven't put that much effort into it, things are steadily improving. I think my main strategy is going to be based around loans for poor credit history but i have one other half decent domain name in mind, loan companys .co.uk which i will possibly base around loans for people with good credit history. It does amaze me how popular searches are for loans to do with adverse credit like door-step loans, it shows just how badly the recession has hit people.
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