• Simple steps to get your employees using a self-service portal Jun 7, 2019
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    Employees eh? Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Every business has a mix of the absolute stars, always willing to go the extra mile, eager beavers! Then you have the ones who are always late, sigh whenever you ask them to do something and call in sick every Monday after the rugby has been on.

    So when you try to introduce a new working payroll procedure such as using a self-service portal it’s not always going to go to plan and not everyone will be as excited as you. Introducing something doesn’t necessarily mean your staff are going to use it. Why is this?
    • People don’t like dealing with machines. Ask anyone who’s been on hold to an automated call system for any length of time and you’ll see them rocking back and forth in a corner screaming “I just want to speak to a HUMAN BEING!” Some can find it difficult to transition to a digital system when we’ve been used to human contact previously.

    • People might just straight up not want to change to a new payroll system after years of doing things a certain way. We all have someone in the office who still uses paper records and drives to work in a horse and cart.
    • Support and training can often be inadequate, leaving the less tech-minded struggling to use the new system. It can be intimidating!
    So how do you get past these roadblocks and make this new payroll transition seamless?
    1. Make it easy – this is a no-brainer and a staple of any successful software. Having an easy and user-friendly interface is the key to success. Simplicity is key. When you are shopping around for the perfect self-service portal make sure you can do an online demo and get the least tech-savvy person in the office (someone instantly sprang to mind didn’t it?) to test it out. The pack is only as strong as its weakest member.
    2. Mobile App – if it doesn’t come with an app then I don’t want to know. We don’t carry desktop computers around in our back pockets so having a smartphone app that employees can access anytime, anywhere is key to improving uptake.
    3. Provide proper training and support – Exactly what it says on the tin; the more confident people are in using something, the more successful the uptake will be. Or better still invest in a cost effective system that is so easy, you or your employees won’t even need training.
    4. Deal with the naysayers! – There is always going to be that one person (or group) who refuses to use a new system or just rolls their eyes and moans about change. In these cases, it is important to listen to their concerns whilst extolling the virtues and benefits of the self-service system.
    If some employees are loving the new software then it will have a knock-on effect with other staff - If they see others pumped and positive about it then they will soon come on board once they realise how much it benefits them. You just need to ignite that spark!

    BrightPay Connect is an add-on to BrightPay Payroll Software that fits all of the above. Its simple user interface has been a hit with its users and they have even won Payroll Software of the Year 2018. Not that you’d need it, but they have a great customer service team to help you with all your support queries. And it’s not just the self-service portal that it has to offer - head to www.brightpay.co.uk to check out all its other features that will make your life a lot easier.

    Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software
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