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    There are many aspects of modern marine shipping, especially with larger shipping container carriers and cruise vessels. You need to look at shipping lane navigation, crew and cargo logging, course control etc let alone docking, onboard safety regulations and indeed regulatory control of all aspects of the maritime industry. The loading and unloading have to be done in the correct way so cargo can be unloaded the other end in order which all takes time, money and expertise.

    The less pressure that can be placed on both the crew and the high-end staff like the captain the better as these all need to know things are ship shape, and seaworthy before the next destinations can be planned for when the current one is completed.

    In order to take pressure off every member of the crew, there has been designed maritime crewing software control systems to help handle the load so to give you some idea of these lets list some of these jobs which deal with some aspects automatically with integrated software we can provide a shortlist of these below:-

    Shipping Master Software.

    A record-keeping tool and an electronic document control.

    Crewing & HR.

    Layers of Communication between the Crew.

    Individuals profile data, hiring of seagoing & shore based personnel, familiarisation, crew planner, crew matrix, work & rest hours.

    Live voice-chat with both crew and management.

    Group, department & customized daily planner, Inspections & audits planner, ship visit planner, and training planner.

    Routing Planner.


    Work permits & Risk Assessments, Incident management, Inspection / PSC / Audits management, MOC process management, proposal for changes & improvements management, management review management, and TMSA Audits results from management.

    PMS (personnel management system).

    Class approved PMS, weekly job planner based on schedules jobs, job orders management, reports, user-friendly.

    Some other aspects of running a ship also come in the form of layers which all have to be fully checked as well as deck stock controls on every deck below the upper deck. Again with a brief look at some of these, we can see even that aspect is vital to organize as is even loading, weight restrictions and much more:-

    Purchasing & Stock control.

    Security is paramount for all concerned.

    Cargo storage and condition such as dry bulk or frozen storage areas.

    Automatic quotations distribution to the list of chosen approved vender's restricted online access for approved vender's to provide quotations.

    These systems are designed to provide as of these tasks as possible giving maximum flexibility to the ship crews and managers to pre-set (and planned) requirements for the users and access authority basis on every from the top to the bottom of the company's internal needs.

    In some of the unique ways, this has been done the individuals helping to provide each user with a unique ID a full history from the hiring process, familiarisation, with all changes and updates of the profile could be previewed through system log for auditing purposes. This while adding to security by ensuring compartmentalisation protecting more sensitive information is held behind a "firewall" to which only the higher up people on board (who will typically have top access) need to know.

    Electronic access control can also be integrated into each layer of the vessel if the operators so desire. Swipe cards, key codes, RFID fobs and other clever systems will all link to the corresponding clearance to the area if required.

    Some of these key benefits of the software:-

    All of these individual aspects invite users to both improve company standards and compliance with their own Safety Management System.

    An accessing system from any remote location will provide the user with latest available information within the system.

    Managing daily activities in an efficient way, utilising a Workflow Model and encouraging office staff to be self-managed.

    Users will have a full control and follow up on outstanding jobs, incidents, inspections including alerts and notifications.

    Generate and analyze data required by the user from the software in real time interactively.
    Usability of software.

    Paperless communication shore and vessels.


    These help by saving time and money of maritime shipping industry with one CPU controlled software to manage all these activities on board the ship in shore and also the office. This helps massively to boost company efficiency, operations, overall control, compliance and report data for analyzing cutting the company operational costs in the bargain.

    So as you can see they are totally flexible and provide a series of multiple choices, solutions for the client to integrate into their address business needs & demand with customization of in-house software. Additionally, they will be run by top installers and management staff to help install and offer correct choices with their client to deliver both a "bespoke" tailor-made solutions which will fully match any organization business needs.

    I hope this article has been an interesting journey into the field of modern day technologies improvements from the point of integrated high performance (SMS) ship-wide management system today.
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