• Selling on Mobile Phones is the future of On-line..Or is it? Nov 3, 2009
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    For about the last 6 years, EVERY year, Mobile is predicted to be the future of almost everything in on-line retail.

    Well lets see....

    We are going to give it a whirl and create a retail web site specifically for our small size shoes business
    but we are going to make one specifically for mobile
    Nothing exits there at the moment (so save yourself a click) but we are building a site now and we are going to try to sell more shoes by using mobile as a new channel to interact with our customers and drive sales.

    We only have this rough plan right now

    - twitter/sms customers about new small shoe stock and send them to the mobile site to have a look
    - when on the site invite them to `click to call` and buy shoes from us over the telephone

    but later we will explore things like, `click to pay` on your phone, SEO for mobile, and more.

    This blog will be the story of our attempt at mobile phone web retail for petite size shoes and on the way maybe we'll provide some interesting and useful info that will benefit other retailers and help you make some money (or more likely save you some money avoiding some of the expensive mistakes we are bound to make in the coming weeks)

    in the next few days we will have our first draft of a mobile site for shoes

    come back and have look, and join in the fun by letting us know how we are doing

    all comments welcome (and don't hold back)

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