• Rav Dhillon and the Argyle Opportunity Feb 28, 2018
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    When Bitcoin launched in 2009, very few people believe it would grow as big as it is today. It is no longer news that investors made more than 1000% profit in the fall of 2017 when Bitcoin hit an all time high of US$19,000, practically making hundreds of Bitcoin investors billionaires.

    Bitcoin didn’t launch in secret, anyone who cared to know, knew about the cryptocurrency long before it hit the limelight. In the beginning, you could pick up one Bitcoin for the few cents found under a chair cushion, after a while, the crypto coin rose to a few dollars, and then to everyone’s surprise, it rose to US$400. Even though Bitcoin is currently trending at about US$7,000 due to circumstances in Asia, and talks of Government regulations; those who were fortunate to buy when it was cheaper can still be counted as millionaires.

    The Bitcoin opportunity is not the only time doubting Thomases have missed out on viable investment. Stories abound about people who heard of an opportunity but failed to take action, either because they were not in a financial situation to do so, or because they didn’t believe in its feasibility. It is safe to say that most of those people who missed out on Bitcoin now wish they could turn back the hands of time. If only.

    Well, going back in time is obviously not possible, except in the movies; but what is possible is going forward and taking advantage of new opportunities. Like the Argyle Bonds investment opportunity.

    For more than 30 years, the Argyle mine in Australia has been at the forefront of producing high quality colored diamonds. But this is likely to end in 2020. Rio Tinto, the current owners of Argyle mine has announced that they would cease operations due to the current high cost of extraction and production. But rather than this being the end of an era, it should be seen instead as the beginning of a new one. Rav Dhillon, former successful London broker and founder of the Argyle group believes that this situation creates a unique opportunity for people to invest in what is definitely a very popular and viable product. Rio Tinto’s colored diamond remains one of the most prestigious colored diamonds all over the world, and the Argyle mine is the only known natural source for the very rare and highly sought after pink diamond.

    Rav Dhillion explains “The demand for precious stones is soaring everyday and we are looking to raise £3 million to purchase the Argyle mine diamonds for commercial projects. Argyle Bonds provide a short to medium term opportunity to invest in Argyle diamonds. This opportunity allows for qualified investors to make returns on the high interest rate from a company with a proven success record of more than 30 years.”

    How does this work?

    With as little as £5000, investors have a chance to buy into the Argyle bond scheme and become a part of those who will invest in the limited supply of Argyle diamonds. This qualifies investors to receive quarterly fixed returns which will be determined by their level of investment. The intention is to place the purchased diamonds back into the market via authorized Argyle channels after successful purchase. For example, purchased diamonds can be used to create stunning, much sought after jewelry produced by Argyle Bespoke, or beautifully produced collectors’ coins through Argyle coins. One of such collectors’ coins was sold for US$1.4 million to an Asian buyer within a month of its production. This obviously shows the interest people have in products like these.

    This short to medium term investment opportunity is broken down into 3 categories.

    · A three (3) year bond term paying 6% on investment

    · A four (4) year bond term paying 7% on investment

    · A five (5) year bond term paying 8% on investment

    At the end of their chosen investment period or level, investors will get back their original investment as well as any accrued percentage on profits.


    Even though this may not be the next big crypto, it is obviously a well thought out investment strategy that smart investors should look into.

    While not everyone will need diamonds for jewelries or collector’s coins, there is an increasing demand for alternative forms of investments, and with the recent market uncertainties due to Brexit and other economic situations around the globe, diamonds may well be the solution to safeguarding against cash devaluations and financial insecurity.
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