• Quick House Sale Companies Oct 21, 2013
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    There are many companies in the UK that offer to buy houses for cash, giving the homeowner a quick solution to selling their house quick, but are they the best solution?

    A report by the BBC revealed that while these companies live up to what they are offering, buying a house faster than a traditional buyer would, they are after the very best price they can get, which includes lowering their cash offer at the last minute to squeeze even more cash out of people looking to get rid of their house sharpish.

    There are a number of reasons why someone would wish to sell property fast, such as avoiding repossession by the mortgage company, but due to the urgent nature that becomes clearly apparent when someone wishes to do something fast they are leaving themselves open to having to sell their home at a fraction of its true value.

    Not all cash buyers are looking to purchase well below the market value, but a large majority are. The best advice that can be offered to someone in need of a cash buyer, urgently, is to shop around and to certainly not accept the first cash offer that is placed down on the bargaining table.
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