• QCard - The business card that works for you Mar 7, 2018
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    In a world that gets more digital every day, the humble business card is on the precipice of extinction.

    Business in general has become fast pace and reaction times are critical in winning new contracts. Giving and leaving the right impression is an important part of any growing business.

    Have you considered upgrading your paper business card to a digital business card?

    Being an entrepreneur and the owner of multiple companies I was struggling with carrying multiple business cards and disappointed of how efficient they are. After research I discovered that up to 95% of business cards are discarded or lost. Not only does this have ecological impacts but also it affects business growth and brand recognition.

    Looking for a solution I came across a few digital business cards, however they really didn't fit my requirements and needs. So I set out to build my own and thus was the birth of the QCard.

    A business card that is bespoke to your business and allows the recipient to save, share and interact with your business.

    For only £299 per year you can have your own tailored digital business card. An affordable solution that will revolutionise the way you communicate with potential and existing clients.

    Here it is in action ....

    Discover more about QCard by visiting: www.qcard.co.uk
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