• Producing a testimonial video? We can help Mar 12, 2019
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    Ten points to consider when producing a testimonial video for an email marketing campaign

    1/ Don’t consider

    There’s no doubt of the effectiveness of testimonial videos, not only in email marketing, but on websites as well. One on a landing page can negate that hesitation before clicking on ‘buy’.

    2/ It’s about what you want

    Plan your questions beforehand. Have a script for the interviewer and be prepared to go outside it on occasion as superfluous material can be edited out.

    3/ Have targets

    If you see building your email marketing list as a major priority, and your interviewee is a subscriber, get them to mention the price reduction offered during an email marketing campaign. Bargain is a good word.

    4/ Be nice to the interviewee

    You should use supportive phrases during the filming, although don’t go over the top. Remember that they are doing you a big favour, so get them to mention their company and what they do. Name them in the credits.

    5/ Problems, problems

    Ensure they tell you what they got from your product. For instance, did it solve a problem at a stroke? Did it speed up a process? Was it superior in every way to the (unnamed) product they were using before?

    6/ Use a suitable environment

    Choose a location that enhances the credibility of the interviewee. An office or workshop, although one not too distracting, will help to show their level of expertise.

    7/ Get technical

    Use words that those on your email marketing lists will understand and be familiar with. Most people will repeat words used in the question.

    8/ Don’t put words in their mouth

    There is nothing more obvious than a person reading from a script. Professional actors are needed to pull this off.

    9/ Smiles help

    If you smile at the interviewee, they will tend to smile back. This will help to get their message believed. You don’t want them looking shifty or grumpy.

    10/ Don’t have them look at the camera

    Get the person to talk to the out of shot interviewee.

    We’ll go onto how a testimonial video can be used in an email marketing campaign later. Give it some thought in the meantime.

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