• Outdated Payroll Is Holding Your Business Back Nov 12, 2020
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    Payroll is the life-blood of any business. Employees expect, and rightly so, to be paid accurately and on time, every single time. If your staff are having consistent issues with their payslips, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to affect employee satisfaction, productivity and, ultimately, the health of your business. At the same time, employers want to spend as little time as possible processing the payroll each pay period, so that they can free up their valuable time to concentrate on growing their business. This is why having good payroll software that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency is crucial to your business.

    What happens when your payroll isn’t doing this? Outdated payroll can have a number of negative consequences on all areas of your business. You may be spending much more money than is necessary on a long, drawn out payroll process, which is eating into your profits. Your employees could be disgruntled by late pay, errors in their pay etc, which can affect their work significantly. Your payroll process could be taking much longer each pay period than it needs to, diverting important resources from other areas of the business. Or it could simply be more complicated than it should be, causing frustration and aggravation.

    The one thing that all of these potential scenarios have in common is that, rather than help your business to grow, payroll can potentially hold your business back.

    Modernise And Streamline Your Outdated Payroll With BrightPay Connect.

    Here’s the good news. It’s never been easier to modernise and streamline your outdated payroll system than it is today, thanks to BrightPay Connect. Connect is an add-on to our payroll software which was specifically designed with businesses just like yours in mind. Our developers have created it to make modernisation easy and streamlining simple. Here’s how.


    BrightPay Connect uses the latest in automation technology to create a payroll process that makes sense. These automations have been built into every area of Connect, from payslip distribution to managing employee leave. For example, you'll receive automatic reminders of outstanding payments to HMRC and employee leave requests made from the employee self-service app will automatically appear on the relevant managers Connect dashboard on their PC. These automations cut down on the time you need to spend on everyday tasks and increase efficiency across the board.

    Employer Dashboard

    With BrightPay Connect, you’ll have access to an employer dashboard. From here, you can see when your next payment to HMRC is due, you can upload documents to the cloud and choose who can or cannot access them via the employee self-service portal, you can see all upcoming and pending employee leave on a company calendar and much more. This dashboard acts as your cloud-based central hub for all of your payroll and HR processes.

    Employee Self-Service

    One of the best ways that BrightPay Connect can modernise your payroll is through its employee self-service smartphone and tablet app. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, is free to download and can be used anywhere. From their app, employees can apply for leave, view their personal data, view and download HR documents, access and download payslips, and view their historical payslip archive - all directly from their smartphone or tablet.

    Book Your Free Demo Today

    If you’re an employer or payroll administrator trying to find ways to modernise and streamline an outdated payroll system, then look no further. Book your free BrightPay Connect demo today and a member of our team will be able to answer your questions, explain the benefits of using BrightPay Connect in more detail and show you how it maximizes effectiveness and efficiency so that you can concentrate on growing your business.


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