• Online Casino Reviews Oct 24, 2013
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    I often gamble on the internet, especially on the casino games such as roulette and the live casino games such as live roulette and live black jack, although i generally play roulette the most.

    I have been noticing of late that a certain online casino in the UK has been having some technical difficulty, which has been going on for a number of weeks now - During which i have ended up out of pocket.

    What Happened to me recently.
    I placed my money down on various numbers. I cover one number quite heavily by placing money on the nose and on the splits all the way around it because i consider it to be my lucky casino number, faithful black 17. After placing my cash down on the table and waiting for the spin of the roulette wheel to finish, revealing the winning number, i note that i have won, my faithful black 17 has come up trumps for me yet again. But not this time, no, instead of getting a message on the screen to the right detailing my winnings i get a little red box pop up suggesting that there is an error. My bet has therefore not won, and not been placed as far as the casino software is concerned. Yet the live support of the online casino admit that they can see 'something' and that the 'bet did not reach their server in time' but not much more than that.

    Now i consider this to be utterly disgusting. I notice from adverts on the television from various gambling companies that are getting involved in the online casino gaming industry that 'playing live casino in the comfort of your own home is like playing it for real' but it isn't, is it. If you are in a casino, place your money down on the numbers expecting a 35/1 payout on a straight, and 18 to one payout on a split, an 8 to one payout on a corner bet, an 11-1 payout on a street etc only to be told by the croupier, 'sorry, there was an error' and give you your stake back instead of your winnings you would be livid, livid. It just doesn't happen in a real, live casino, but it is invariably happening in 'live' casino's on the internet according to many online reviews by disgruntled customers.

    My unpaid winnings case is still being looked over by the technical support according to a second live support operator i have spoken to today.


    The casino in question is one i have used online quite frequently over the years. Prior to this problem i only ever had one other problem which was years ago and dealt with quickly and correctly.

    Let's see whether the customer services deal with this one correctly. I will be giving them hell if they do not :D
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